“Sometimes you will never know the true value of a moment until it has become a memory”

Graduation year  has been such an impacting year, complete with cramming studies in preparation for University, going through the selection process to apply for university/college, completing the required applications and then making that all-important decision as to what University to attend and what to study!  Add to all of those challenges the traditions and events that go along with being a senior; Prom and Graduation, and it is a year of overwhelming emotions.

The Journey Forward

My years at Madawaska Valley District High School (MVDHS) have been incredible.  I have enjoyed every minute of my high school experience.  Playing sports; basketball, volleyball, track and field and badminton have taught me teamwork, how to win and lose gracefully and how important it is to learn time management and prioritization.  My music was also an important part of my high school life!

Prom was everything I always thought it would be and more!  From the moment planning started until the conclusion of the evening’s event it was incredible.  Prom was held June 9th at Spectacle Lake Lodge.  It was a gorgeous day and the backdrop of the venue was breathtaking.  Special thanks to my date, Nolan for making it even more special.

My Senior Prom with Nolan

Prom Memories with Special Friends

The food served at the buffet was absolutely amazing and it gave us the unique opportunity to socialize and reminisce with our fellow grads and friends.  The Prom committee worked very hard to ensure that our 2017 Graduation Class Prom was a memory to cherish.  Special thanks to my beautiful and talented sister Anna DeCarle and local photographer Sebastian Hudder for capturing our Prom memories in some very special photos.

My beautiful sister Anna captured our Prom photos

Prom is of course followed closely with final exams; those last high school cramming sessions and then the emotional next step;  GRADUATION.


Graduation was an emotional evening as we remembered days spent at Madawaska District High School.  The years I have spent in these hallways have left me with memories; some that make me laugh, some that make me tearful, but all have helped to mold me into the person I am today.

Thanks Mom!

My family and friends have been my greatest support throughout my high school days and have quietly encouraged me and always helped me to believe in myself.  The teachers at MVDHS are so wise, caring and supportive.  They ensure we have the tools required to succeed in the next chapter of our lives.

We did it together!

I was honoured to be awarded the Marie Bloskie Memorial Award; recognizing a student that best demonstrates living their live according to the beatitudes and in addition was awarded the top mark in my guitar music class.  Both accomplishments that I am extremely proud of.

It was bittersweet for our graduation class knowing that this would be the last time we would all be together and seeing each individual walk across the stage and realize how much we have all grown since we first entered the doors as “Minor niners” was impacting.

I am so proud of everything the MVDHS Graduating class of 2017 accomplished and I know each and every one of us will go out and make a positive impact on the world in our chosen fields.

MVDHS Graduate 2017

“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are!” 

Goodbye to the halls of MVDHS, I have treasured my time in your hallowed halls but now I am ready to venture forward and see what life has in store for me!

The Ending of an Era and the Beginning of the Next!



Till next time,


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A Night Celebrating Community Achievement

Chamber of Commerce Awards Night Live on Cogeco TV and MYFM

One of my favourite things about being Miss Teenage Eastern Ontario and Miss Teen Ontario East previously is the people that I have the opportunity to meet that I wouldn’t otherwise have.

Getting ready to present awards with Danika Jenkins Miss Teen Ontario East 2017

Last week, along with my successor, Danika Jenkins Miss Teen Ontario East 2017 were invited to attend the Chamber of Commerce Awards banquet and hand out the various recognition awards for the community.  It was an honour and a privilege to be part of the festivities and to get the chance to meet the incredible business professionals and volunteers who make our community so very special.

The theme for the evening was A Night at the Casino so we had the opportunity to visit with the guests as they tried their luck at a variety of casino games before the awards portion of the evening commenced.  It was a great networking opportunity for everyone in attendance and I was fortunate enough to meet many of the people who would later be recognized.  The food was incredible!  Congratulations to Amy from Rocky Mountain House who provided the most delicious appetizers I have ever tasted.

Delicious array of food and YES A CANDY TABLE provided by Rocky Mountain House

The evening was all about recognizing outstanding businesses, long-serving businesses, new businesses, hardworking community groups and special volunteers.  It was amazing to see and speak with business owners who have carried on family businesses for over 100 years!  What an incredible accomplishment!  Danika and I met each of the recipients as we handed off awards and paused for photos.

The crowd favourite for the evening was definitely the co-recipient of the YOUTH VOLUNTEER AWARD, Charlie LeClaire!  Charlie, along with Mitchell Hanniman were awarded the Youth of the Year Awards.  Both are very active in their community and spend countless hours volunteering at various events.  Charlie was definitely the BEST DRESSED Man at the event!  With Charlie’s personality and his ability to take over the room, he will definitely be headed for a political future.

Community YOUTH of The YEAR co-winner, CHARLIE!

The last award of the evening was the Citizen of the Year award and my very own Pageant Mom; Patti Dillabough was a nominee.  Patti, is the Director of the Teen Ontario East pageant and puts so many volunteer hours into the pageant, working with the titleholders, assisting delegates and chairing the Teen Ontario East’s Childhood Cancer Awareness campaign.  It is inspiring!  In addition to the pageant associated events, Patti is also a strong supporter and volunteer with a number of other charities and causes both inside and outside the community.   She is so deserving of the award and the special recognition that it represents.  It is through Patti’s leadership that so many of us have been introduced to, and become passionate about, volunteering.  It was an honour for both Danika and I to be part of Patti’s recognition ceremony.  She is so deserving and such a humble recipient of the award.

With Teen Ontario East Director and Citizen of the Year Patti Dillabough and the Inspirational Paige Dillabough

Congratulations Patti Dillabough, Citizen of the Year!


Till next time,


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All Ready for the Kick Off Event for CANADA’S 150th Celebration

I am so fortunate to be a Canadian.

I love being associated with all things Canadian from saying “I’m sorry” for everything, following every statement with a question “eh?”, putting maple syrup on foods that most wouldn’t think about, eating French fries covered in cheese and gravy, learning how to skate as soon as you learn how to walk and starting every day with a stop at Tim Hortons!

Our country is rich in tradition and we are considered the politest country in modern society.  What an incredible reputation to have!

I have been fortunate to have traveled in Canada from British Columbia to Ontario and have stopped in all the provinces in between.  I have experienced the gorgeous scenery, landscape and people that our beautiful country has to offer.  At the top of my bucket list is to do the same trip from Ontario to Newfoundland to witness the East Coast!

I am overwhelmed to be able to celebrate Canada’s 150th as Miss Teenage Eastern Ontario and attend a variety of events in different communities throughout Eastern Ontario.  I am looking forward to celebrating with each and every one of them!

As a prelude to the Canada 150 Celebrations to be held on Canada Day, July 1, 2017, I thought I would share with everyone the Canada 150th logo that was selected from numerous entries from young Canadians who wanted to capture the spirit of the 150th anniversary of Confederation.

The winning entry was created by Ariana Cuvin from Toronto, Ontario.  The following is Ariana’s explanation of what the design logo represents:

“The logo is composed of a series of diamonds, or “celebratory gems”, arranged in the shape of the iconic maple leaf. The four diamonds at the base represent the four original provinces that formed Confederation in 1867: Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Additional diamonds extend out from the base to create nine more points—in total representing the 13 provinces and territories.

Canada 150 Logo Artist, Ariana Cuvin

The Canada 150 logo is an evocative symbol and will become an enduring reminder of one of Canada’s proudest moments. The maple leaf motif is recognized at home and abroad as distinctively Canadian, and it fosters feelings of pride, unity and celebration. This unique design is simple enough to be drawn by children, and versatile enough to be used in a host of applications. The possible uses of the symbol are as unlimited as the spirit and imagination of the Canadian public.” 


It’s a beautifully graphic representation of our 150th celebrations and something that will now be captured as part of our country’s history.

So, I just wanted to take this opportunity to wish everyone a HAPPY CANADA DAY!  I hope the pride and positivity that we feel tomorrow on our 150th birthday celebration is something that will resonate within all of us as we continue to create Canada’s history.

HAPPY 150th CANADA!  We love you, “from Sea to Shining Sea!”

A proud Canadian,


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Pageants tend to get a negative reaction when they are discussed with people who have a misconceived idea about what participating in a pageant is all about.  It is particularly challenging for a teenager to address peer pressure when someone voices their strong opinion about your desire to compete in a pageant.  I think as pageant delegates, we have all faced these nay-sayers.  But like anything you decide to do in life, you must make your own choices and just appreciate the opinions of others.  I am proud to say that I AM A PAGEANT Girl!

I was first introduced to pageantry through my fellow Barry’s Bayer, the lovely Theresa Paplinkskie, Miss Teenage Eastern Ontario 2015.  Theresa, as one of her fund-raising events for Free the Children decided, with the help of the incredible Teen Ontario East Pageant team to re-introduce our local pageant formerly called the Timberfest Pageant but renamed to the Miss Madawaska Valley Pageant.  It was a smaller scale production hosted in my home town of Barry’s Bay.  It was extremely well received by the community and after pageant night, I was honored with the title of Miss Madawaska Valley 2016.

The main prize package for Miss Madawaska Valley was registration into the regional pageant Miss Teen Ontario East; A PAGEANT with a PURPOSE!  This is when I was first introduced to the wonderful team of ladies behind the Teen Ontario East Pageant and their passion for their charity platform focus; Childhood Cancer Awareness.  The Miss Teen Ontario Pageant 2016 opened my eyes to the incredible world of volunteering and charity work and I became a true pageant enthusiast!


The Miss Teen Ontario East pageant is a not-for-profit event that extends over one weekend in the month of April.  Delegates come from throughout the Eastern Ontario region to compete and the entire weekend is an eye-opening and truly impacting experience.  There are the competition categories that are aligned with a pageant; photoshoots, modeling sessions, talent competitions, interviews, and questions but this pageant is focused on their passion for their charity; Childhood Cancer Awareness.  Over the span of 4 days the delegates participating get the opportunity to meet and hear the stories of incredible young cancer champions.  It is a weekend that truly changes your perspective on life.  When we first arrived for orientation, we were introduced to Paige Dillabough, a beautiful and incredibly strong young woman who defied the odds and beat brain cancer as an 8-year-old child.  Her story is heart-wrenching and yet so inspiring!  She presented her Courage Bead Necklace; a necklace comprised of 1000s of coloured beads each representing a specific treatment that she had to endure.  It was very impacting!  That someone that young had to go through so much just to survive.  It really makes you appreciate the true gift that life is.  And Paige’s story was just ONE that we would hear about over pageant weekend.

The MTOE (Miss Teen Ontario East) organization is comprised of an incredibly energetic and comical group of volunteers who spend countless hours throughout the year promoting their Childhood Cancer Awareness campaign and then bring it all together for an entertaining and inspiring Pageant weekend.  Any proceeds from the pageant production or from the various fund raisers held by the MTOE committee throughout the year are donated to childhood cancer charities which is why they have been dubbed; A PAGEANT with a PURPOSE by our community.  I was so proud just to compete in this amazing event and the fact that I was representing my area and introducing them to the Childhood Cancer Awareness campaign made it all that more special.

The weekend was a blast!  We attended charity events, did some media interviews, were hosted for dinner at the home of Kathleen Barr, Miss Teen Ontario East 2015, we rehearsed and we danced a lot!  It was the best weekend!

2016 MTOE Tribute Number to Childhood Cancer Champions

The weekend concluded with the pageant production which was hosted in front of a sold- out audience.  It was so much fun!  At the end of the night, I was stunned when it was my name that was called for the title of Miss Teen Ontario East 2016!  My gorgeous crown, encrusted with beautiful childhood cancer awareness gold ribbons was placed on my head and I did my first official walk as Miss Teen Ontario East.

My first walk as Miss Teen Ontario East 2016

That night ignited a year of events and appearances that have truly impacted my life.  The year went by so quickly and on April 23, 2017, I crowned my successor to the Title of Miss Teen Ontario East the lovely Danika Jenkins.

Crowning my successor; Danika Jenkins Miss Teen Ontario East 2017

The Teen Ontario East Pageant is unique because as a titleholder we reign for a complete year; attending events, working with childhood cancer charities, acting as Ambassador for regional charity and community organizations and gaining valuable experience in public speaking and public relations.  At the end of our reign as Miss Teen Ontario East, we are then given the title of Miss Teenage Eastern Ontario and are given the honor of representing our Eastern Ontario region at the Miss Teenage Canada pageant.  I was crowned Miss Teenage Eastern Ontario by the gorgeous Kathleen Barr who took home the Top Fundraising Award at the 2016 Miss Teenage Canada Pageant and the 3rd Runner Up title.

Crowned Miss Teenage Eastern Ontario 2017 by the gorgeous Kathleen Barr

I am so excited to be a delegate in the  Miss Teenage Canada pageant 2017 and I am honored to be representing the Teen Ontario East pageant, the Eastern Ontario region and our charity platform; Childhood Cancer Awareness.


Till next time,

Sophia, Miss Teenage Eastern Ontario 2017



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Have you ever stopped to think about kids affected with cancer?  Have you ever wondered what those little bodies go through?  Like many of us, I certainly didn’t.  I watched a few movies with kids with cancer, cried and felt sad for them for the 90-minute length of the movie and then put it out of my mind.  It was only Hollywood after all.  Except it is not!  Until I became involved with the Teen Ontario East Pageant, I didn’t really understand the severity of a childhood cancer diagnosis, not only to the young patient but also to their family and friends.  Through my reign as Miss Teen Ontario East 2016 and now as Miss Teenage Eastern Ontario I have had the opportunity to volunteer and meet some of these amazing young heroes.  The children became real, their stories were no longer fiction and their struggles were heartbreaking.  I have met some amazing young cancer champions over the past year and a half and their stories have impacted my life forever.  You cannot truly comprehend the devastation that a childhood cancer diagnosis has on not only the child but also their family.  Over the next few weeks as I prepare for the Miss Teenage Canada Pageant, I would like to try and bring their challenges to the forefront through my blog.  I want to promote my Charity Platform; CHILDHOOD CANCER AWARENESS to my readers in the hopes that maybe I will encourage even one reader to volunteer or donate towards one of the incredible charities that assist kids with cancer and their families.  I want to educate my readers on Childhood Cancer; the disease, the patients, the effect the disease has on the patients and their families and the long-term outcomes that some of them are facing as they grow up.  Creating an awareness of Childhood Cancer and the implications to those affected is the key to raising funds and ultimately finding a cure.

As I was preparing this introductory blog entry, I was researching childhood cancer statistics and it is certainly impacting information.

In Canada, 1700 children and youths between the ages of birth and 19 years of age are diagnosed with cancer each year. Each year!  That is a staggering number!  Although great strides in treatment and care have been made, childhood cancer is still the leading disease-related cause of death for Canadian children. While over 75% of children survive cancer, more than 50% of survivors of childhood cancer face late effects of their disease and treatment, including neurocognitive impairments, sterility and secondary cancers.

I have also learned over the past few months that there are different kinds of childhood cancers and that they each have their own treatment plan and resulting side effects.  The most common childhood cancers include:

  • Leukemia’s (cancers of the blood-producing tissues);
  • Lymphomas (cancers of the lymphatic system);
  • Brain tumors;
  • Solid tumors (like bone cancers)

The Canadian Cancer Society has provided me with some scary statistics on Childhood cancer:

  • Cancer is the number one disease killing children from age six months through to young adulthood;
  • Every year approximately 230 Canadian children die from the disease;
  • Treating a child with cancer demands a 24-hour, seven-day-a-week commitment of specialized care;
  • Childhood cancers are generally more successfully treated than cancers in adults because the cancers grow more quickly and are, therefore, more susceptible to chemotherapy and radiation;
  • Childhood cancer treatments may include chemotherapy, radiation, surgery or bone marrow transplants;
  • Cancer treatments are long and often difficult to persevere but it is the immune system suppression and the resulting inability to go out into public that is for challenging for kids;
  • The short-term effects of cancer and its treatments may include a compromised immune system, hair loss, nausea, muscle aches, loss of appetite, mood problems and poor self-image (especially in teens);
  • Cancer treatments often cause lifelong disabilities such as motor and cognitive impairments, loss of limbs, as well as heart, vision and hearing impairments;
  • Treatments can last from six months to three years or longer; relapses are common.

Cancer Survivor Paige Lighting the Night Gold to promote Childhood Cancer Awareness

Over the next few weeks on my blog, I would like to highlight a few cancer survivors who have been affected by different childhood cancer diagnosis.  I want to tell you in the cancer survivor’s own words what their treatment was, how long it lasted and what side effects are common for their specific type of cancer.  Until meeting these inspirational champions, I didn’t realize that cancer treatments were different depending on the diagnosis.  I assumed they were all treated with the same chemotherapy and that their treatments were all done over the same period of time.  I was naive!  This is not the case!

I hope you will all take the time to read my blog entries on my Childhood Cancer Awareness Platform and you will become more in tune with what these amazing kids really go through.  It is truly awe-inspiring!


Till next time,



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Hello! I am Sophia, your Miss Teenage Eastern Ontario 2017! I am 18 years old and will be graduating high school in June. I live in the beautiful Madawaska Valley, which is about 2 hours away from Canada’s capital. I come from a tight knit family with 8 siblings.  Yes, I am the fourth of 9 kids!   I have 6 sisters and 2 brothers; Felicity (age 24), Christian (age 22), Sebastian (age 20), Anna (age 16), Selina (age 14), Megan (age 12), Trinity (10), and Nadia(age 7). I completely adore my large family! There is never a dull moment in my house! Some people find it hard to imagine what it’s like to have a family with 9 kids, but I can’t imagine my life without them. Currently I am the oldest child at home, my older sister and 2 older brothers have already graduated high school and now live in Ottawa where they go to school and work. My beautiful mother, Becky, is raising 6 of us who are currently at home. It is the biggest job I can imagine, but she does it with strength and optimism, while loving each and every one of us unconditionally. So, now that you have a better idea of where I come from and a little about my family, I will tell you a bit more about myself.

My wonderful family

When I got into high school I was eager to get involved with extracurricular activities and meet new people. I’m very outgoing and open to new things so I was quick to join clubs, sports team, introduce myself to new people and learn as much as I could. In grade 9, I tried out for every sports team I could. I made the basketball team, volleyball, track, and badminton teams. I continued to play on those teams throughout my years in high school and enjoyed them all! I was captain of the basketball team in grade 9, 10, 11, and 12. Balancing sports and my academic classes was not an easy task, but with determination I survived the heavy workload and it made my high school experience very memorable. Sports teach you valuable life lessons that provide you with useful tools for everyday life, such as, how to work as a team, be a leader, accept defeat and be to be a humble winner. High school sports has enriched my life and has provided me with special memories and wonderful friendships.

I love the outdoors and I am always eager to explore the beautiful Madawaska Valley that I call home. My friends and I always enjoy taking a trip out to Algonquin Park in the fall and summer. We spend a lot of our time in the summers going for hikes, canoeing, fishing, beach volleyball, ​​​​​​​​ tubing, swimming, and being with nature. It’s a great way to unwind and relieve stress from our busy summer work schedules. I am a very active person and I love nature, so hiking and exploring is a perfect fit for me. In the winter, I like to stay active by snowboarding and going skating at the outdoor rinks in my area. My sister Anna and I went on a trip out to British Columbia this past March break. It is such a beautiful

Anna and I in BC

province and the scenery is absolutely gorgeous. We went on many hikes, walks by the ocean, and got a taste of what it is like to live by the mountains. We were also lucky enough to drive up to Whistler and see the Olympic Village and the Olympic rings! It was a trip of a life time.

In addition to sports and recreation, I also have a great love for music and the arts. I picked up a guitar at a young age and I fell in love with writing and learning new songs. I love singing, playing piano, hitting the drums, and even try a bit of ukulele and bass guitar. My love for music inspired me in grade 9 to join our school’s music program. I have been in the program every year since and I love everything about it. In grade 9, my three friends and


I started a girl’s band. We all sing and we play various instruments, so we have a vast selection of songs that we can perform. We learn the popular cover songs to perform for various concerts throughout the high school and the community. We are called Phoenix, and still practice together to this day! The love of music and performing runs in my family and each one of my siblings sings and plays an instrument. It’s a great way to bond as a family and a perfect way to relieve stress after a busy day at work or school.

It feels like high school flew by, and I cannot believe my senior year is quickly coming to an end. I have learned many skills and gained plenty of knowledge the past four years and I will graduate knowing that I have made the best of my high school experience.  I am excited to continue my education at the University of Ottawa in the Fall of 2017 as I strive to achieve an Honours Bachelor of Social Science in Criminology degree.

Excited for my new adventure at Ottawa University

The future is so exciting and holds so many unknown adventures!  My first big adventure being a delegate in this year’s Miss Teenage Canada Pageant.  I never would have thought I would have had this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and I am going to absorb every moment of this unique experience.

“Each day is a new life… Seize it!  Live it!”

Until next time,


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Hey there everyone! Sorry things got so busy in the last few days but I wanted to conclude my blog series of my journey to Miss Teenage Canada. This week was exciting, busy and SO MUCH FUN! I thoroughly enjoyed every minute and taking part in this life changing experience is something I always will look back on and smile about.

Ontario girls

Ontario Girls!!

Day 7

On saturday we had a full day of rehearsals making sure everything was ready for the big show! Our wonderful choreographers Sean and Hollywood worked hard to ensure we were completely prepared for everything that was coming our way. Saturday evening was the Talent Gala. This was such a special night, not only because all 54 delegates got to dress up, showcase their talents and enjoy one last fancy meal together but because we got to perform for our families and friends and get to spend time with them after a week of being away. I can’t believe all of the amazing talents that were in our group of girls, there was tap dancers, opera singers, piano players and even a hula dancer! I performed my solo from my school’s production of Grease and I had so much fun! The crowd was so great to perform in front of. Once I was done my heart wouldn’t stop pounding and I just wanted to go again! I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun while singing for a crowd!

After the talent show was over we had 30 mins to see our families! I pretty well ran out of my chair to see everybody. I had 14 people there to support me and I was so thrilled to see everyone. It was hard to say goodbye but I knew I’d have lots of time to see them the following night!

squad goals

My amazing cheer squad



Grease will always be the word!

Day 8

The day we had been waiting for, SHOW NIGHT! We woke up early and headed to the Queen Elizabeth Theatre so we could rehearse on stage and have our hair and makeup done. It was my goal for the entire day to take it all in and enjoy every moment because I knew that this day and this experience was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

When the day turned to night my heart began to beat faster and faster. I was so excited to take the stage with 54 other amazing girls. Throughout the week we had all grown so close that we felt more like sisters, I’m so proud of all of the girls. Everyone represented there provinces so well and it’s a very good feeling knowing that I now have friends all over Canada that I can go to if I need to. When we were lined up on the sides of the stage before opening number all I could think about was how I had been preparing myself for this week for what seems like forever and now it’s almost over. Before we went on our choreographers Sean and Hollywood told us to take in this moment, because this moment will never happen again. So that is exactly what we did. The whole night seemed like it went by in the blink of an eye. When they were calling top 20 I never expected my name to be called. My legs couldn’t stop shaking when I made my way to the centre of the stage. The top 20 then went on to do our bathing suit walk and then returned to find out who would make top 10. To hear my name called again made my heart pretty well stop. I couldn’t believe it, and then being called for top 5 was equally as exciting. Next up was impromptu questions. I was so impressed by how poised and confident all of the girls were when they answered. All of the girls did so well throughout the evening I’m sure it was a difficult decision for the judges to make.


Just before my name was called as a top 20 finalist!

evening gown

loving my beautiful gown from Bells and Bows Bridal

This week I had one of the greatest experiences of my life, not only did I get to take part in the Miss Teenage Canada pageant but it’s with pleasure that I can say I received Miss Teenage Canada 3rd runner up and Miss Teen Top Fundraiser 2016. I am beyond thrilled with both of these titles. Miss Teen Top Fundraiser is a title that I am incredibly proud of. My fundraising and volunteer work is something I am very passionate about and love doing. I have been volunteering ever since I was a little girl and plan to continue on this enriching path. My fundraising journey for Miss Teenage Canada began May long weekend and since then I organized 18 fundraisers for Free the Children and Alberta Fire Relief. In total I made $14 403 and in reward of receiving this title I will be going on a trip with Free the Children to Ecuador. I’m so excited to take on this journey because I get to take my love of volunteering and move it to a global scale. My platform of Childhood Cancer Awareness is something that I am incredibly passionate about and have been raising awareness for what seems like forever. I loved having the opportunity to raise awareness of this charity in front of our nation.


Receiving my Miss Teen Top Fundraiser Title

Receiving the title of 3rd runner up was one of the most exciting feelings I have ever had. My heart dropped hearing my name called for top 20, then 10 and then 5. I never expected for this to happen, but words can’t describe how grateful I am for this experience.


Miss Teenage Canada 2016 Sam, myself and 2nd Runner up Hanna!


Receiving Miss Teenage Canada 2016 3rd Runner Up

Although the most rewarding thing I received this week was life lasting friendships and memories. Every single delegate was beautiful inside and out and I will carry all of them in a special place in my heart. We’re all winners in this pageant, because what we get out of this pageant is so much more than just a title. We get confidence, friendships, memories, smiles and life changing experiences.


Myself and my beautiful roommate Katie

Ready for the Evening Wear Preliminaries with LACY!

The beautiful Lacy/ Miss Congeniality 

I couldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for the Miss Teen Ontario East pageant. This pageant with a purpose has changed my life for the better and helped shape me to become who I am today. This has been the best experience in my life and I have grown so much because of this. The pageant has opened so many doors for me and allowed me to make life long friendships and memories. With the Miss Teen Ontario East pageant I am a part of more then just a pageant committee, I am a part of a beautiful family that I can proudly call mine.


A few loving members of the MTOE family


Soph and Daph

Thank you to my family, friends and community for your love and support, knowing you were all cheering me on this weekend means the world to me and I couldn’t have received Miss Teen Top Fundraiser without your support. I also had the 3rd highest amount of votes for the Peoples Choice Award and I’m so touched that 293 of you took time out of your busy day to vote for me. It was truly touching to know you were all live streaming and cheering me on during pageant night. I’m truly thankful to live in the amazing place that I do.


I love my community!

To my MTOE family and my new MTC family I love you all, thank you so much for this experience. This has been an amazing time in my life that I will never forget.

Thank you and GO GOLD


Kathleen, Miss Teenage Eastern Ontario 2016

"Light the Night Gold" on Parliament Hill for Childhood Cancer Awareness

“Light the Night Gold” on Parliament Hill for Childhood Cancer Awareness

Written by: Kathleen
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After a good night’s sleep we headed down from our rooms for a tasty and healthy breakfast. We had a big day ahead of us so a filling breakfast was exactly what we needed.

We had a 5 ½ hour rehearsal today to practice our opening number, our swimsuit and evening gown walk. With a lot of hard work and practice we finished all of the routines and now we can dance even more confidently.

After rehearsal was over we headed back to our rooms, grabbing a tasty chicken wrap lunch on the way.  We packed up all of our evening gowns, bathing suits, shoes and accessories for Preliminaries and started our preparations.

HAIR and MAKE UP done for PRELIMINARIES! Thank you Ladies!

HAIR and MAKE UP done for PRELIMINARIES! Thank you Ladies!

Thank you once again to the ladies who did a wonderful job with our hair and makeup! Everyone looked so elegant!

ANEURIN and I ready to Hit the Runway in our Bathing suits

ANEURIN and I ready to Hit the Runway in our Bathing suits



Preliminaries were so much fun! I thought I would have been more nervous but I was just so excited to strut in my bikini and then show off my evening gown. I could hear my loud and enthusiastic cheering squad when I hit the stage in my bathing suit and knowing they were there calmed my nerves.  I could hear them all saying, “Just have fun” in my head, so that’s exactly what I did.  All of the girls were amazing!  Each and every one looked so beautiful.  The gowns were stunning!  Everyone had a gown that suited them and showed their specific personality.  It was an incredible display of colour, bling and elegance.



Ready for the Evening Wear Preliminaries with LACY!

Ready for the Evening Wear Preliminaries with LACY!

On the Runway in the Evening Gown Preliminary Competition!

On the Runway in the Evening Gown Preliminary Competition!

Evening Wear SELFIE!

Evening Wear SELFIE!

My roommate Katie and I are relaxing now, watching movies and blogging. We were still too excited and pumped up about tonight to sleep but we will have to force the eyes to close.  Tomorrow is a BIG DAY!  A full day of rehearsals followed by the GALA/TALENT event.  I can’t wait to perform tomorrow night and to get a few minutes to visit with my family and my M.T.O.E cheering squad.



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Day 5

Today was another fantastic day! We started off with an AWESOME workout at The Fit Body Project. We had a great time doing circuits and yoga; it was nice to get a chance to be active! The ladies who ran the workouts were all so kind, fun and helpful. I learned a lot about workouts and how to do them properly.

Sarah and I

Princesses don’t sweat, they sparkle #sonottrue

We then had a delicious and nutritious sushi lunch from Fish’d by EDO. It was such a great post workout meal. Thank you Fish’d by EDO!

Sushi with Yulia

Yulia and I enjoying our salmon sushi wraps from Fish’d by EDO

Game of foam

Game of Foam!

Next on the agenda was a fun and exciting game of archery tag at Archer’s Arena. This was one of the most fun things I’ve ever gotten to take part in! I loved every minute of it! All of the delegates were taught how to load a bow, aim and fire! We then had a wild game of archery tag where we divided ourselves into two teams and began to shoot one another with the foam arrows. We felt like we were in the Hunger Games!


Just call me Katniss Everdeen


After a super day we headed to the Texas Lone Star for another delicious meal. We had fresh fajitas for dinner!


A great meal at a great restaurant!

We got to head back to the room tonight so my roommate and I took some time to practice our dance number and walking in our heels. We’re going to try to get to bed early tonight because it’s going to be a big day tomorrow! Preliminaries are tomorrow night and I’m so excited!
















-Kathleen Miss Teenage Eastern Ontario 2016

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