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So, today is Friday JULY 25th and the Miss Teenage Canada Pageant Night is TOMORROW! I cannot believe how fast this week has gone and it will be quite bittersweet when I realize that the week has come to an end. This has definitely been an experience of a lifetime and a highlight in my lifetime.

Tonight had to have been the most wonderful night of all – it was the GALA! The Gala consisted of having dinner, the delegates showcasing their talent and as well as their platforms. It is the absolute truth that these ladies are not only kind and beautiful, but also, extremely talented. It is an honour that I am able to be in an event with women that possess these characteristics. Tonight, some family and friends of the delegates were present which made the night even more special. It made me extremely happy and I felt so blessed that my family and friends (and the executive of the Miss Teen Ontario East Pageant) were able to attend tonight’s Gala!

Tomorrow we will be rehearsing like crazy, because, in just short of 24 hours, it will be SHOWTIME!

I’ve got to go and count some sheep now.


Sonya :)

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I cannot believe we have already been here at the Miss Teenage Canada Pageant for 6 whole days. This morning we were able to sleep in!!! It was so wonderful. For the entire morning and some of the afternoon, we had rehearsals for the dance routines and they are coming along very nicely, I must say. After our rehearsal session, we got our makeup and hair done by Motives Cosmetics!

This evening we received our adorable bathing suits as well as our routine number shoes, in which, are EXTREMELY CUTE AND COMFY! Tonight we had preliminaries, which is the judging to determine the top

20 girls. We strutted our stuff in our bathing suits and heels and then had to head back onto the runway wearing our evening wear. The night was spectacular and I really felt motivated by hearing all of my supporters from my home town. Tomorrow night is the Gala where the girls will be present their platforms to friends and family members as well as their talent. I am looking forward to the Gala very much and cannot wait to see my friends and family. :)

Hair and makeup by Motives Cosmetics

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This morning, we headed straight to High Park to have a yummy breakfast! Bacon, eggs, potatoes and toast…it was simply marvellous! With that great start to the day, we headed back to the hotel and got into some heavy duty strutting and rehearsal. We began with practicing our walks. “Practicing walking?” you may ask? Yes! Walking! With having a couple of experts, Jill (Miss Teenage Canada 2013) and Courtney (a previous runner up in the Miss Teenage Canada Pageant) , we were taught the proper technique of doing the different walks. The two major walks that we focused on were bathing suit as well as evening wear. At one point in the walking session, Jill put on some Beyoncé music and asked us to do the most outrageous “model walk” we could possibly do, over-exaggerating everything. We had a lot of laughs while doing this, witnessed a lot of hair-flipping and seriously strutted our stuff! After working on our walks, dance rehearsal followed. We, as a whole, got a lot accomplished during that rehearsal – our hard work payed off.

Tonight after rehearsal, we went to MEDIEVAL TIMES! I’d have to say that this adventure was my favourite outing of the week because it was so different and AMAZING! The whole environment at Medieval Times was so realistic and while watching the show, it felt as if you were there during that specific era. Some parts of the show literally gave me goosebumps…not one word of a lie. I think that Medieval Times is a show for everyone, no matter you age or gender. It was an exhilarating experience and I cannot wait to go back someday. Just when I thought the day couldn’t get any better, on the bus ride back to the hotel we were told that we could sleep in the next morning!!! :) This outing was definitely one of my favourites of the entire week, hands down.

In the beginning, it was safe to say that the Miss Teenage Canada Pageant experience would be unique and fun, but now, halfway through the week, I can say that it has been much more than just those two words. The whole experience is only a week long, from Saturday to Saturday, and there is a lot to do in such a short span. Going on outings in the city, rehearsal, runway practice, breakfast, lunch, supper, shopping and the list goes on and on but, it is also a journey. It is a pleasure to spend an entire week with some of the most beautiful, talented and hardworking young women in Canada. We are all here for a reason, have worked hard to get here and have made an impact on our communities whether it was by attending events, hosting our own events, or simply by just being influential peoples. This journey only seems to be getting better and better as the days go by – we are becoming closer and there is a bond. Whether we, as an entire group, end up singing happy birthday to someone in the middle of a shopping mall, or in the middle of Medieval Times, moments such as those make you feel proud that you are able to impact someone’s day in the smallest way. Moments such as those make you feel proud that you are able to have an opportunity such as this which such outstanding teenage girls from across Canada. Being here at the Miss Teenage Canada has taught me about teamwork and hard work. Although we are all vying for a title at the end of the week, I realize that this entire experience in itself is a prize and one that I am very grateful for.

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Today was another busy but fun-filled day in the big city of TORONTO! The day began at 5am since we had to be at Global National for 6:20am for a couple of segments. The first segment we did was aired in Ontario and then the second segment was aired nation-wide, all over Canada! During the two segments, the hosts picked names out of a bowl and then, further, whoever was picked had the opportunity to pick a question out of another bowl and answer it on live television. This was a neat experience both for the girls who were drawn out of the bowl, as well as those who were watching simply because it will be very similar to the way that the night of the actual Miss Teenage Canada Pageant will go.

The next adventure on the schedule today was to go to the CN Tower! After snagging our amazingly comfortable Hi-Tec sandals, we headed to the CN Tower to do some sight seeing and touring. The view from up there was just breath-taking and we were lucky to have perfect weather with a high of around 30 degrees and sun!

After coming back to the hotel for a short rest, we then headed straight for another mall – the EATON CENTRE! The Eaton Centre, the largest mall in Toronto, was an absolute blast to be at for the evening. We were able to go to multiple stores and do some shopping and had many photo-ops with many people that came swarming around our group! We were able to grab a meal there at the Eaton Centre and following dinner, headed back to the hotel for more rehearsal time.

I cannot believe day four of the Miss Teenage Canada Pageant week is concluding. In just two days will be preliminaries, in three days, the gala and the following day after that, the actual pageant night! The week has been amazing, and one thing that has made it so is the fact that you get to spend it with 55 kind, beautiful and unique girls. It has been a thrill going out on adventures, but another adventure that has been enjoyable is learning about the girls and speaking with them.

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Today was a long but rather quick day. The alarm clock was set for 4am due to the fact that we had an appearance on Breakfast Television Toronto at 6:40am! Entering the set of Breakfast Television, was, in itself, a really neat experience. There were many lights and cameras and multiple people on set which included directors, camera operators and many others. I realize I have yet to mention an important group of people that were on the set today: the hosts. I wanted to specifically talk about them for a moment because I really have a great appreciation for the work that they do. Their communication and interviewing skills are beyond impressive, their charisma on and off set is admirable and they were hilarious to watch and listen to. I LOVED watching them and really enjoyed being a part of the show.

After Breakfast Television, we drove to High Park and had an AMAZING breakfast. Following breakfast, we had to head back to the hotel for a hair tutorial by Schwarzkopf Professional. We generously received gift bags which contained a couple types of hair product. The final activity that they got us to do was a hair braid and messy bun competition in which all of the girls got into groups and had the opportunity to do the hair of one of their team member’s. The girl’s team with the best “braided” hairstyle won a prize as well as the team who did the “favourite” messy bun after a vote. The activity was a lot of fun and gave us the opportunity to learn many different hair tips and how to use their products.

Later in the day we got to go SHOPPING! The Yorkdale Mall was busy and people definitely noticed the shiny objects on our heads, which meant…many photo-ops! We were able to go to BENCH, one of Miss Teenage Canada‘s sponsors and were privilaged enough to have receieved a 25 dollar gift card on behalf of BENCH. The shopping experience was crazy awesome fun but overwhelming at the same time because there are 60 odd girls in the same store all at once! We really filled the place up! After this shopping spree, we headed straight to the food court for a bite to eat. The Yorkdale Mall was kind enough to give each of us a 10 dollar gift card that we could use to purchase lunch.

After this day of being on TV and Shopping, we headed back to the hotel and started rehearsing. After being in heels for 2 hours, it was safe to say that my feet were quite sore, but “no pain, no gain”, right?! We walked and danced… and danced some more, and to add the icing to the cake, our Hi-Tec Sandals came in! I am really looking forward to wearing them on our adventure tomorrow…but I don’t want to tell you what it is – can’t give everything away!

Until next time!

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First thing this morning, all of us delegates of the Miss Teenage Canada Pageant got our hair and makeup done by Motives Cosmetics. The makeup artists and hairstylists really enabled us to get our true glam on, giving us a gorgeous dramatic smokey eye and hair with lots of volume! It was a really unique experience to have hair and makeup done professionally, especially since I have never had them done before. This morning consisted of a large hall with three rows of tables, over 20 makeup artists and over 15 hairstylists.  While I was getting my hair done, I sat in a chair that was facing a window and distinctly remember overlooking the airport, which, is literally down the street. Moments like those really make me feel so blessed to be here and have this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It was lovely.

Photo with Chrystalle, Miss Teenage Manitoba 2014.

After getting hair and makeup done, it was straight to the set. Firstly, we had to take a photo shoot. I do have to say, it really felt like a “cover-girl” moment – standing on a set in stilettos, makeup and hair done down to the tee, lights and a camera and a fan blowing your hair back ever so gently.  The second part of todays schedule was the VIDEO SHOOT! Again, another “cover-girl” moment that felt like you were on the set for a fashion magazine. Trés cool! Finally, the last part of the day’s schedule was an panel interview with the judges.The whole day came together very nicely and was filled with new and exciting experiences.

Before concluding, I wanted to say another big thank you to my sponsors: the Miss Teen Ontario East Pageant Organization, New Wave Swimwear Renfrew and Bell Mobility Renfrew! Also, I would like to say a HUGE thank you so all of my followers and supporters who have been constantly sending me their best wishes. No matter if you are just a 4 hour drive away, or on the other side of the world, your love and positive energy have reached me here in Toronto – so thank you for your encouragement! It means the world to me.

The sun is trying to peak out right now as I look out our hotel window which will be wonderful for tomorrow’s adventures. I find that the days are just flying by but the good times and good memories just keep flooding in! Only time will tell what tomorrow and the rest of the week will hold and I am very eager to find out just what is it store.

Take care,

Sonya :)




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Today, we were all introduced to the wonderful companies that are sponsoring the Miss Teenage Canada Pageant. We were able to walk around, meet all of the people working at each booth, and were even privileged to have samples of what their businesses had to offer!

The lovely sponsors for the Miss Teenage Canada Pageant are: Hi-Tec Footwear, Motives, Wright Spa Mobile Services and last but not least, Golden Glamour Goddesses.

Hi-Tec Footwear was founded in 1974 in a village named Shoeburyness in England. Hi-Tec became a major worldwide sports brand when the Hi-Tec brand name and logo were globally launched in 1983. The delegates each received a pair of sandals from Hi-Tec and I do have to say, they are extremely comfortable!


“We are a real brand, with real products, for real people.”

Motives, by Loren Ridinger, started in 2008 under their parent company Market America. Motives is a world leader in the customized cosmetics industry. Many celebrities wear Motives and is a favourite of makeup artists, models and photographers. Motives will be providing cosmetics for us this week in Toronto which is extremely exciting!


“From custom foundations to eyeshadows and lipsticks, and everything in between, Loren’s passion for beauty is in every product that bears her name.”

Wright Spa Mobile Services is the First Nationwide Luxurious Mobile Spa. They specialize in Nail Care, Massages and Facials, to Corporate and Private Spa Events, Promotional Spa Events as well as Personal Spa Services. Joanna and Juanita Wright are the founders and have recreated the day spa industry to suit you! Each of the delegates received a free massage from Wright Spa Mobile Services and it was heavenly!


“We use only all-natural products with no preservatives, no harsh chemicals.” 

Golden Glamour Goddesses is an Official Partner For The Toronto ROCK Cheerleaders. They provide Spray Tans, Hairstyling and Eyelash Extensions and, as a proud sponsor, will provide the winner of the Miss Teenage Canada Pageant will some of their products.


“Their goal is to make you feel and look good from the inside out.” 



To all of the sponsors: you all play a large role in allowing us to have this experience and enjoy it to the fullest, so thank you.

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After hitting the road at 9am this morning, I am excited to say that I am finally in Toronto for the Miss Teenage Canada pageant! We arrived at the hotel and I was pleased to meet my room mate, Anna, Miss Teenage Central Alberta. We’ve managed to pack 5 suitcases into our room as well as 5 bags and multiple dress bags! I can already tell that we will have a lot of laughs and a wonderful time together, as room mates! :)

I am really happy and exited to be here for the Miss Teenage Canada pageant. Although I have been here for just about an hour, I have been having an AMAZING time! The weather is quite calm here in the big city of Toronto, with just a bit of light rain.

I feel so blessed to have this opportunity and cannot wait to see what this week entails.

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A big thank you goes out to my sponsors: the Miss Teen Ontario East Pageant Organization, New Wave Swimwear Renfrew and Bell Mobility Renfrew.

I thought I would do another video blog to thank my sponsors as I go forth to the Miss Teenage Canada Pageant in just 3 days from now. Another important point that I thought was necessary to share with you all was “Clara’s Big Ride“. A Canadian girl, Olympic Medalist and spokes-person for Bell Let’s Talk, Clara is a large inspiration to me as well as many others. After taking on 12,000km, 95 communities, 10 provinces and 3 territories, Clara spent 110 days on the road to raise AWARENESS FOR and BREAK THE STIGMA of MENTAL HEALTH.

Thank you for taking the time to read and follow my blog, I appreciate it very much and I will continue to update when I am in Toronto.

Happy summer and all the best!

Sonya :)

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