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Today was a full day of rehearsals in preparation for the big night tomorrow.   Our choreographer SHAWN CUFFIE was putting us through our paces.  The show is coming together and will be FANASTIC!  We are all very excited about the big night.


Thank you POP CHIPS Canada for the tasty treats

With Host Luke Bilyk and Dayna, Teen New Brunswick


The GALA was lovely, the meal was delicious and the TALENT was absolutely outstanding.   I was overwhelmed by my fellow delegates, their incredible voices and the amazing and entertaining dancers and performers.  I don’t know how the judges will decide who will be performing Pageant night!  I would not want to pick.  All of the girls were amazing!  Congratulations to all of the Talent performers.

It was a special moment for all of us to be able to visit with our family and friends and get heartfelt hugs from everyone.  Personally, I am so fortunate to have a large entourage of supporters;  my family, friends and qualifying pageant folks.  A special thanks to everyone for taking time out of their busy schedules to be here to cheer me on.


So Many Generous Gifts


After the Gala we headed back up to our rooms to rest and prepare for the BIG DAY tomorrow and to our surprise we received packages of beautiful gifts:  Generous gifts from GOODY Canada, Schwartzkopf, Golden Glamour Goddesses, John Freida hair products, towels from Signature towels, POP Chips Canada, beautiful jewelry from Bells & Bows and a lovely dress from Free the Children.  I am so stunned by the generosity of the sponsors.

Our Gift package we received this evening!

I am looking at tomorrow with mixed feelings;  excited for Pageant day to finally be here and a sense of sadness that Pageant week is quickly coming to a close.  I have made some new “best friends” who will be part of my life for years to come.  It has been an amazing week because of those special people that I have shared it with.  To my chaperone, Christi, thank you for taking care of me all week, for sharing quiet looks and for making me laugh all week.  You have truly made my week special.

My MTC-W experience has been incredible and a once in a lifetime opportunity.  I have been so fortunate to have been a part of this week of pageant adventures!

Stay tuned to hear about Pageant night!


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It was a day of rehearsals and preparation for the PRELIMINARY competition that was held this evening.

We had a rehearsal with Shawn again today in preparation for the Pageant night and we also practiced our walk routines for the preliminary evening gown and swim suit competition.  Special thanks to VITAMIN  WATER for sponsoring their thirst-quenching VITAMIN WATER.  It has been a life-saver!


I would like to extend a special thanks to the students from the MARCA HAIR COLLEGE for coming in and doing our hair for the Preliminaries.

Getting my Hair done from Marka School student

I was nervous  for the Preliminary  but when I stepped onto the stage and the lovely Megha Sandhu, Miss Teen Canada World 2012 announced my number and name, all I heard was a loud roar and cheers from my enthusiastic support team of family and friends in the audience.   The nerves disappeared and I walked out with a huge smile.  I had fun and enjoyed the moment!

The week has gone by so quickly.  I can’t believe tomorrow is already Gala/Talent and then Saturday is Pageant.  I would like to take a moment to thank the wonderful ladies at GOLDEN GLAMOUR GODDESSES for being here the entire week and working until well into the night touching up all of our lovely spray tans.  You have been incredible!

Be sure to check my blog tomorrow for another journal entry!

Stay tuned,


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Miss Teen Canada World 2013 –


What a way to start the day!  With the Pandas at the Toronto ZOO!


Walking in comfort at the TORONTO zoo in my new HI-TEC shoes!

Thanks to the TORONTO  ZOO, we were give a VIP visit with the Pandas this morning before the Zoo opened to the public.  They are absolutely incredible.  These beautiful creatures are on loan to Canada from China and arrived via FED EX to the Toronto Zoo.  They are even more magical and mystical when you see them in person.  It was incredible! What an opportunity!  THANK YOU TORONTO ZOO!

“At The Toronto Zoo visit the Giant Panda Experience, the new home of Er Shun and Da Mao. Before you get up close to our adorable new giant panda pair, you will have the chance to take in the new, state-of-the-art Panda Interpretive Centre.This climate controlled centre features many interpretive and interactive elements for visitors to enjoy year round. Interpretive themes will include Eating Bamboo, Threats to Giant Pandas, and Saving Giant Pandas. After the Panda Interpretive Centre visitors will have a chance to see Da Mao and Er Shun in either their outdoor exhibits or in their indoor holdings. Either way, remember to bring your camera to catch our dynamic duo!” 

“Giant panda Er Shun (smooth) came to the Toronto Zoo from Chongqing Zoo, China and Da Mao, our male giant panda, came from Chengdu. Did you know that Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan Province, has a population of 11 million. For thousands of years, it has retained not only its name, and its position as the capital, but its importance as the centre of politics, commerce and the military of the Sichuan area. It is the place where the Southern Silk Road began and the first paper currency was printed. The Chengdu Panda Breeding and Research Centre is nearby as is the Wolong Panda Reserve.

Er Shun and Da Mao have settled in very well to their new habitat at the Toronto Zoo. They are eating a lot of bamboo and they both like the Aurea species. The giant pandas are currently getting young bamboo growth and they both LOVE it! The Zoo keepers weigh them regularly and Er Shun just out beats Da Mao weighing 100 kilograms and Da Mao weighs 99.8 kilograms.”  www.torontozoo.com/pandas

Absolutely Magical to see the PANDAS!

In addition to the seeing the highlight of the zoo; the PANDAS, we also visited the kangaroos and polar bears.  The ZOO was definitely a highlight!

We headed back to our Host Hotel The Holiday Inn Airport and we met with the generous folks from S-TRIP!  They informed us on the various trips that we can take and some of their Marketing folks spoke to us about their personal experiences with S-TRIP!  To top off their already generous donation of the S-TRIP! for the MTC-W 2013 Social Media Queen, we were all given S-TRIP! “SWAG BAGS” complete with lanyards, sunglasses, S-TRIP! information and a little bag!  THANK YOU S-TRIP!  Such a generous organization!

Our S-TRIP! Gift package

This afternoon we also received our competition swim suits.  It is a beautiful turquoise OAKLEY brand bathing suit and wild ROSE HEELS.  I really like it and the HEELS ROCK!  We rehearsed more this afternoon, mostly on our Evening Gown and Bathing suit walks.

Inside Medieval Times

WHAT A FANTASTIC EVENING AT MEDIEVAL TIMES!  This evening we had an entertaining dinner eating chicken ribs, soup, potatoes and dessert with NO CUTLERY!  We threw the “MISS MANNERS” lessons right out the window and dinner certainly gave us quite a few laughs.  The TOURNAMENT SHOW was amazing! Thank you so much MEDIEVAL TIMES for a memorable evening!

All I can say is I am truly blessed to have this experience!  Every day is a wonderful surprise!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s adventures,


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Miss Teen Canada World 2013 – Pageant Week DAY 4

Day 4 started out with another tasty breakfast at the lovely GRENADIER Cafe.  It gave us fuel for our workout at UNION Fitness

We had the most AMAZING yoga session at UNION FIT Yoga!  It was a 50 minute complete Yoga experience that left me relaxed and rejuvenated.   What a GREAT way to start the day.


With my Room mate - Ready for our Work out!


MTC-W Delegates "working it" at Union Fitness YOGA


MTC-W Choreographer Shawn Cuffie

Then it was back to the hotel to start our rehearsals for Pageant night!  Our choreographer is the talented Shawn Cuffie.  He spent time with us working on our stance, bathing suit and evening wear walks and introduced us to the bathing suit dance routine.  It was exciting to start to rehearse for the Pageant production.

This afternoon,  it was off to the EATON CENTRE where we had a shopping excursion compliments of  GARAGE.


My Gift Certificate from GARAGE at EATON CENTRE!


At the Eaton Centre!

Check out my Fabulous new outfit compliments of the generous people at GARAGE at Eaton Centre!


 After working up an appetite at GARAGE we headed off to the URBAN EATERY  at the Eaton Centre where I had a great dinner at Ruby Thai with my Urban Eatery gift card!


Our GARAGE shopping excursion!

Upon returning, a group of the Ontario girls (myself included) shot our “INTRO CLIP” and then I headed off for a quick Spray Tan appointment!

It was another fun-filled and jam-packed day at MTC-W 2013!  Wonder what tomorrow will bring?

Stay tuned,






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The EARLY BIRD beats the WORM…Well, if that is true, we have all done that today!  It was an early 5:00am wake up call this morning and a 5:30am departure from the hotel.  We arrived at CITYTV for Breakfast Television with the sunrise and it was an amazing experience.  Well worth the early alarm call!  A special thanks to the staff and hosts of CITYTV BT.  We were treated royally and given a warm welcome and presentation.

Dina Pugeliese’s guests: 

  • Royal Baby Watch

Alison Eastwood, Editor in Chief: Hello! Canada

www.hellomagazine.ca | Twitter: @HelloCanada @AlisonEastwood

  • 75 Miss Teen Canada World Contestants

Miss Teen Canada World 2013 is on Saturday July 20th at Queen Elizabeth Theatre, 190 Princes’ Blvd, Toronto.

www.missteencanadaworld.com | Twitter: @MissTeenCanada1

  • How to Stay Cool When it’s HOT

Theresa Quick, The $erious $hopper


 After CITYTV BT, it was off to a hearty and delicious breakfast at THE GRENADIER CAFE.  We were treated to a full breakfast of bacon, eggs, toast and hash browns.  It was a great stable to fill us up before a busy and exciting day!

Then it was off to the majestic CN TOWER!  We took the tour and even had an opportunity to walk on the GLASS FLOOR!  WOW!  That was intimidating but exhilarating!  What a view of this amazing city from this location.  It is truly awe-inspiring!


Looking Down from the Observatory at the CN TOWER


A View of the City from the CN TOWER. WHAT A VIEW!


At the CN TOWER with Megha Sandu, Miss Teen Canada World 2012

Well, then we were off and running to the DISTILLERY DISTRICT for our MTC-W Scavenger Hunt!  I have discovered that I am NOT a very good Hunter! We were treated to a wonderful lunch at CAFE UNO.  As far as the Scavenger Hunt goes, I failed miserably.  I did not find any of the items on the List but I did treat myself to a lovely consolation prize; GELATO.  The perfect treat on a warm day! 

What does every girl LOVE to do?  SHOP!  We spent time doing  just that at the gorgeous Yorkdale Shopping Centre.  We were treated by COSTA BLANCA with a very generous gift card to use with their new collection and I purchased a beautiful new romper and matching necklace.  I LOVE my new outfit!  Thank you COSTA BLANCA for the generous sponsorship.



I have watched Much Music faithfully, so to be ON SET of MUCH MUSIC LIVE today was a highlight for me.  We were able to watch a segment on their UNITY Series and it was fantastic.  So awesome to watch it from the set!



My Gorgeous HI-TEC Size 11s!

To top off my day, my comfortable and stylin’ HI-TEC shoes arrived!  I LOVE THEM!

What an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING DAY!  What an incredible experience to be part of the Miss Teen Canada World 2013 story!  Now, to catch up on my e-mails and get ready to see what tomorrow brings!  SO EXCITING!

Stay tuned,




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First off, I have to apologize the you are getting DAY 2 and DAY 3 together.  I was very late getting back to my room last night and we were having network issues at the hotel.  But like the saying goes,  “Better Late than Never!”


Day 2 of my MTC-W 2013 Journey encompassed my OFFICIAL Panel Interview with the Judges, a Photogenic photo shoot and our Media interviews.

Preparing for my PHOTOGENIC Photo shoot and Media Interview

VOTING has commenced for the 2013 MTC-W PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD.  I have prepared a STEP BY STEP format that you can follow and the links I have embedded on my BLOG will take you directly to the LINK for the STEP in the voting process.

In ORDER to VOTE for PEOPLE’s CHOICE AWARD please follow the instructions listed below:

STEP 1:   GO to WWW.missteencanadaworld.com

STEP 2:  Click on

If you HAVE NOT previously VOTED for either Caroline or Hillary, you will need to BECOME a VIP in order to register your vote.  If you HAVE previously voted you are already registered and can go directly to STEP  4

STEP 3: Become a VIP!

  • Register your VIP account by filling out the fields below.
  • You will receive a confirmation email where you must activate your VIP Account.

Input your USERNAME:

Input your NAME:

Input your AGE:

Input your E-MAIL:


*Note: Check your spam/junk folders if you haven’t received the email

If you DO NOT receive a CONFIRMATION e-mail, Click on

STEP 4:  Once your confirmation e-mail has been received you can now  VOTE


The above link will take you to the page with the 2013 FINALISTS

SCROLL DOWN until you find (ME)



Gracie Stewart

Renfrew, Age 18, Height 6′ Details >> | Blog

CLICK ON DETAILS (by clicking here it will take you directly to the VOTING BOX)

SCROLL down the page and on the RIGHT HAND side of the PAGE is a box to Marked VOTE:

Input your e-mail address and click VOTE

You will receive the following POP UP BOX

Your vote has been successfully added.

You can vote ONCE per e-mail.  So if you have multiple e-mails, please follow the same process to register them all and you can then vote for me through each e-mail address.

Thank you so much!  HAPPY VOTING!

Stay tuned,




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What an afternoon and evening we have had on our first day at MTC-W 2013!

With my Beautiful Roommate, Jacqueline Marsh Teen Thunder Bay

I arrived and met my beautiful roommate;  Jacqueline Marsh from Thunder Bay.  We immediately became friends and found that we have quite a bit in common.  We are the tallest girls here and we are both the “only child” in our families.  I know we are going to get along famously!

With the representatives from FREE THE CHILDREN

Then it was off and running.  We handed in our Free the Children donations from our respective Free the Children Fund Raising Projects and the 2 visiting members of the FTC charity spoke about how the charity was started and the 5 sectors of FTC that our donations will benefit.  Free the Children will determine where the funds are needed most and direct them there.  It was very educational and incredibly inspiring!

Then we were guests at a lovely Welcome Party on the Roof Top Garden.  We had an opportunity to meet with some of the generous MTC-W sponsors and received some lovely gifts.

HI-TEC Shoes with fellow delegate Miss Teen New Brunswick

We tried on HI-TEC shoes which are sized to fit us,  which is fabulous if you have ever gone shoe shopping with me!  They are extremely comfortable and excellent for working out!




We had the opportunity to sample some DELICIOUS cookies compliments of PS by PRETTY SWEET Bakery.  We could even try out our “Decorating talents” by writing our name on our cookie.  They had other tasty treats for us to sample as well!

Munching on my DELICIOUS cookie from PS by PRETTY SWEET






With Golden Glamour Goddesses Sponsor

The lovely ladies with GOLDEN GLAMOUR GODDESSES were in attendance and we signed up for a spray tan and eyelashes.




The wonderful people at Schwarzkopf Professional provided each delegate wtih OSIS and hair frizz control.

With Schwarzkopf Sponsor

What an incredible beginning to my MTC-W journey.  I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!

Stay tuned,


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And I am OFF – BOUND for MTC-W 2013 in TORONTO

My Goodbyes have been said, my bags are packed and secured in the vehicle, my crown and sash are carefully seated beside me, coffee is in hand for the drive and WE ARE OFF!


As we head out on what I know will be the experience of a lifetime, I am excited beyond belief, a tad nervous and very appreciative to everyone who has made this venture possible.  I am going to MTC-W as Gracie, I will be Gracie while I am there and I will return as Gracie!  I will be the BEST ME that I can and promise to represent my area of Eastern Ontario and my qualifying pageant;  The Teen Ontario East Pageant to the best of my ability.

I can’t wait to meet all of the wonderful delegates from across the country, meet my roommate and share this incredible journey with each and every one of them. 

I will promise to BLOG as often as I can so I can take my readers along on this incredible trip with me.  But be patient.  Apparently I will be BUSY!




Stay tuned,


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Apparently there is an ART to PACKING!  Apparently I should have taken that course before trying to pack my entire wardrobe, shoe closet, makeup and hair products and medical supplies into two (what I thought were – but apparently are NOT) good sized suitcases! 

How do I narrow down my choices?  How do I pick “just the right outfits” to take with me for Pageant week?  Well, I contacted those have “ventured before me” and took this advice to heart!


When packing up, literally lay each outfit out on your bedroom/living room floor and put the shoes, accessories, purse, etc with that outfit. (Do this for everything you are going to have to wear every day and evening.)   Then get  yourself a bunch of clear ziplock bags and a sharpie.  Put the accessories for “day 1 Welcome” or “INTERVIEW” in a plastic bag that is labeled for that event.   Use duct or packing tape to attach it to the hanger for that day’s clothes. Put your shoes in the bottom of the garment bag and then, when you’re in the middle of pageant week, you don’t have to worry about finding everything because it’s all right there and the decision has already been made!”   

It has taken some manoeuvring, some editing and some “suitcase negotiating” but I have chosen outfits, aligned accessories and shoes and have successfully completed THE WARDROBE PACKING PROCESS!


The Final Wardrobe Selections!

Then it was time to hit the “essentials”.  Trying to imagine all the “pageant mishaps” that can occur and ensuring I have the solution to the situation packed;  clear nail polish to repair pulls, cover-up for blemish flare-ups, Safety Pins, sewing kit, breath mints, double sided tape, small scissors, disinfectant wipes, Tide stick, hand sanitizer, strightener, curling iron, hair spray, brush, clips, ponytail holders, make-up, tweezers, personal items, razor,  makeup remover cleansing cloths, travel size toiletries, dental floss, toothbrush, toothpaste, q-tips, medications, diabetic supplies, sunglasses, camera, laptop, emergency cash, cell phone and charger, juice and snacks.  What a list!  They seriously should make ALL of these items “TRAVEL SIZE” for pageant girls!

Last but certainly not least, pack my reports:   Essay and associated school reports and letters of reference, Free the Children Fund Raising report and donation, Preliminary and Gala ticket order form along with the payment and an additional copy of my signed Delegate contract.


A quick breather and PART 2 of the packing process — loading all of my “successfully packed items” into our compact car!

Stay tuned!









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