Well, let the countdown begin. I cannot believe that the Miss Teenage Canada Pageant week is beginning next weekend. There is a lot going through my mind…packing, what I should wear, how I should do my hair, the excitement of looking forward to meeting all of the talented and beautiful girls, the night of the show, the entire week and all of its outings, spending a lot of time walking in high heels, and last but not least, how on earth I am going to put fake eyelashes on!

In all seriousness though, I am genuinely looking forward to pageant week and am proud to be representing the wonderful Miss Teen Ontario East Pageant Organization and, as they call it – the “valley”.

It seems so bittersweet though, I must say, because once the week of the Miss Teenage Canada Pageant is over, that means that my reign as Miss Teenage Eastern Ontario is over. I am so so grateful for the entire experience as a whole – it has taught me so much about myself; to persevere through every experience, has allowed me to grow emotionally; and I know that, I will only continue to grow as a person as time goes on. This entire experience has taught me how important it is to volunteer; giving back to the community, how to speak publicly and, ultimately, helped me to discover my true self. Taking part in experiences such as these pageants involve a lot of courage, there is no doubt. Putting yourself out there and presenting yourself to people that you may not know can be nerve-wracking and the conscious but, yet, subconscious thought that you are in a competition in which there is a title to be received can be slightly stressful. There are, though, many personal goals that are achievable such as: having fun, making new friends, improving your social skills or doing your very best. After completing any of these goals (and I know there are many more), that is an accomplishment in itself. It is almost like finding yourself. It is like we are a reflection of diversity of teen women across Canada, each bringing our own personalities, talents, and character. And the fact that we can all gather together and share with each other our gifts and talents is truly what makes everyone a winner. It is the best goal, in my opinion, when you realize that you have found yourself and can accept and embrace that person.

At the Miss Teen Ontario East Pageant this past April, I concluded my final speech with a thought, saying:

Then there comes the question: what is beauty? There may be a million different definitions of the word “beauty”, but we should not let the world define it as something that is only visually appealing, but rather, something that comes from within. No matter the circumstance, whoever you are, or however you look, if you are happy in your own skin, that is beautiful and I think we should all strive to meet that goal.” 

To expand, I believe that we should embrace who we are and discover our own beautiful. There is no real definition of what beauty is, but we should make it to be something that is appealing which reflects from the inside before spending too much time on the visual side of it. That is what I think the Miss Teenage Canada Pageant is all about, discovering and embracing the beauty of yourself, as well as the beauty of others.

Since I have a love for quotes, I thought I would share this quote as I conclude this blog: “Beauty isn’t about having a pretty face, it is about having a pretty mind, a pretty heart and most importantly, a pretty soul.”




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4 Responses to As Pageant Week Approaches

  1. avatar Penny Bergin says:

    Beautifully written girl <3

  2. avatar Valerie says:

    Good luck Sonya, keep smiling and be yourself, you will shine

  3. avatar Patti Dillabough says:

    Very eloquently said and so true! Proud of you!

  4. avatar Annette Miller says:

    Amen to that…..You, Miss Teenage Eastern Ontario and former Miss Teen Ontario East have a beautiful face, mind, heart and soul. I hope you embrace the person you have grown to be – be proud of your beauty and have a fantastic time in Toronto.

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