BB Triathon The Barry’s Bay Triathlon originates back 22 years when it was first organized in 1993. Dave and Diane Fields were the organizers and have remained the organizers for the majority of the years the Triathlon has been in existence. From “timing by hand” and 50-60 competitors, as Dave explained, the triathlon evolved and grew to using technology for timing and 180 competitors in the year with the greatest participation. Many teams have participated—up to 20 at one time! Distances have remained the same except the bike distance which was slightly adjusted to 32 KM verses 30 KM while the swim remained 750 M and the run 8 KM. The bike course also changed to allow for a safer route for bikers. The bike route stretches west on highway 60 out of Barry’s Bay, and the run goes down Siberia Road just past Kartuzy Road in Barry’s Bay. The swim component of the event is on Lakeshore Drive in Barry’s Bay which marks the start and finish as well. On the morning of the Triathlon 20-30 volunteers, other community members, and spectators are scattered across the Triathlon route, where they can chant and praise the participants for the extremely hard work they have done!

Organizer Diane Fields participating in the Triathlon

Organizer Diane Fields participating in the Triathlon

The triathlon is a non-profit event. Money has been donated to various local charities over the years.  The Barry’s Bay Triathlon has been viewed as a “low-key”, “grass route” event that appeals to a lot of people. It is a great event hosted in a beautiful surrounding. In the summer months, the community of Barry’s Bay and the surrounding area also becomes home to hundreds of others; cottagers and their families who also participate in this event which has expanded the popularity of the event. Dave Fields also commented “this Triathlon has been a really good thing for the community and has  been so successful over the years  because of the local volunteers and the support received from local businesses.”  The Barry’s Bay Triathlon 2015 had a slightly different flavor than those in the past; this year’s triathlon was co- organized by Mr. Dave Fields and Faith Archer.  I had the opportunity to speak with Faith Archer and asked her why she had joined the organization team.

“After traveling to Miami, Florida to take flight to the Darian Jungle of Panama with Dave and my two daughters, Star and Sky, for a mission trip we became dear friends. Although I have always had a desire to support the Triathlon, this year I knew I wanted my thoughts to transpire into actions and help organize the event.   I was also able to be a part of the Triathlon last Sunday, June the 28th. What an experience!  I would like to extend congratulations to all of the award winners and participants for taking part in the Triathlon, Duathlon or as a member on a team! Doing one, two, or all of the components is certainly not an easy task, even though, some made it look easy! I also strongly agree with Mr. Dave Field’s statement that the event’s success results from the support of the Barry’s Bay and area community businesses and members. Without the volunteers who prepared the routes and the central location, manned the food and water stations, and stood by to monitor everyone’s safety was maintained, the event would not prosper as it does.”

I thoroughly enjoyed cheering on the participants this year and supporting the event.  I look forward to seeing how the event will evolve in the future and I hope that I can have an active part in the organization in the coming years.  I love sports and I have made it a personal goal to be a Triathlon participant in the 2016 event.  I think I had better do a fair amount of training and conditioning before I try and make that goal attainable.

BB Triathon Theresa

Thank you to everyone who participated and volunteered at the Barry’s Bay Triathlon 2015 and for inviting me to attend in my official capacity at Miss Teenage Eastern Ontario 2015.  It makes me very proud of my small, tightknit community.

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