My Gold Ribbon Heroes and My Friends Paige and Jill

My Gold Ribbon Heroes and My Friends Paige and Jill

“A HERO is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.” Christopher Reeve

My heroes;

“Ride IV poles down the Hallways.

They have bald heads but are beautiful.

They go through chemotherapy, radiation and endure lots of pokes.

They smile even though they are fighting for their lives.

They may be small, but they are mighty!

They are my HEROES in GOLD!”

I hope you have found my BE THE GOLD childhood Cancer Blog Series interesting and informative. My life has been changed over the past 16 months that I have spent working with CANDLELIGHTERS, Childhood Cancer Support Programs, meeting young cancer heroes and hearing the stories of their battles and challenges.

BLOG cancer pic Bald quoteThere is nothing more heart-wrenching or inspiring than walking through the halls of the oncology floor at a children’s hospital. It is truly life-changing! It alters the way you look at things and the way you deal with certain “drama” in your life. For instance, as a teenage girl, having a bad hair day can be traumatic; seeing a fifteen year old girl who is bald and fighting for life really brings that into perspective. Trivial problems become just that; TRIVIAL! One young girl I met who was in her thirty-sixth week of a sixty-eight week treatment protocol said it best, “My Dad said being bald brings out the blue in my eyes!”  Poignant and true!

These amazing young heroes have a respect and a love for life that is truly infectious. They have taught me to appreciate every day and to not take anything for granted. I am humbled by their courage and their ability to smile even though what they are going through is devastating. My life has been enriched by my experience with Candlelighters and through my Childhood Cancer Awareness promotion events.

I have such an appreciation, respect and compassion for the parents who go through thisBlog cancer pic devastating journey with their children. I know, through my interviews with parents for my BE THE GOLD series, they have been dealt a hand that no parent wants to be presented with but they need to be strong and positive for their child; a difficult task when their hearts are broken and their child’s life is in the balance.

The leaders behind the scenes of the various charities that support kids with cancer are the silent heroes. They have a passion and drive to make a difference and to help make each child’s journey just a little bit easier. Thanks to Jocelyn Lamont, Executive Director of the Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Support Programs Inc. for not only participating in my BE THE GOLD Blog series but also for introducing me into the inner workings of a charity organization and inviting me to participate in their events and fund raisers. I am now addicted to volunteering!

Highlighting our Gold Ribbon Champions at the MTOE Pageant

Highlighting our Gold Ribbon Champions at the MTOE Pageant

Last but certainly not least, I would like to thank my personal GOLD RIBBON Champions; Paige, Jill, Annie, Nathan, Jordan and Jessica for letting me into their lives and for allowing me to become a part of their stories. Your courage, strength and passion for life is inspirational. I am truly blessed to call you all my friends!

In conclusion, I would like to encourage all of you to BE THE GOLD! Volunteer or Donate to a childhood cancer charity. Wear a Gold Childhood Cancer Awareness ribbon to spread the word to all you meet. You really can enrich the life of a child with cancer and in doing so, you will feel enriched in return!

Be the Gold


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