The Day RAGLAN Street in Renfrew went STREET CHIC!

What an amazing Blog Assignment!  I had an incredible time coordinating and executing this STREET CHIC Blog post.  My only problem was cutting the content and the pictures to make the post space efficient.  I had over 300 photos to choose from thanks to my volunteer amateur photographer, Doug.

Our directive was to pick a street, visit the merchants, choose some eye-catching outfits and have customers and/or friends model the fashions to incorporate the STREET CHIC fashion sense.

So, take one historical street in small town Eastern Ontario, add a selection of unique boutiques offering a variety of fashion choices, compliment it with a selection of wonderful women from various generations and you have a snapshot of Fashion in the Valley!

Raglan Street in Renfrew, Ontario will provide you with just that mix!  The street itself has been in existence since the early 1800s and although obviously transformed over the decades it remains the hub for exceptional fashion in the Valley.  The architectural structures can date back to the late 1800s and today’s merchants have enhanced the historical features and have captured the essence of yesteryear in their store facades.  Strolling down Raglan Street (main street Renfrew) is a lovely way to spend an afternoon and certainly personifies STREET CHIC in the fashions that can be found in this hidden Valley gem!

CLICK on the PHOTO BELOW to visit my official STREET CHIC Blog Submission!  Like it and Share it if you would.  It will promote the wonderful and unique Fashion forward retailers in Renfrew, Ontario!

I am so proud of this piece and so appreciative to my models (some who needed a bit of encouragement to get in front of the camera) and to the merchants who were warm, accommodating and excited to participate.

My choice to choose everyday customers and clients of my Raglan Street merchants was to emphasize that you can be STREET CHIC no matter what your age!

I would also like to highlight STERLINGS NO FRILL JOE FRESH in Renfrew.  Although not located on Raglan Street they were excited to welcome us into their store and allowed Abby and I to model some fun outfits on their Street!

The entire day was a blast!  Thank you to STREET CHIC for promoting this activity for Miss Teenage Canada and to the wonderful people of Renfrew who always make everyone feel welcome and part of the family!


Sophia,  Miss Teenage Eastern Ontario

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    Just ONE link to ‘StreetChic’ is best practice, and readers would probably like a direct link to your article,

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    oh I’m sorry the picture is a direct link! hah of course. That’s okay. Good ‘redux’.

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