As a regional delegate from Eastern Ontario, I arrived in Toronto at 2:00 in the afternoon.  I was greeted by the wonderful MTC staff and then had a few hours to mingle and get to know all of the delegates.  Sunday evening, we attended a Miss Teenage Canada Sponsor Night, where all 54 delegates of the pageant were welcomed by some of MTC’s great sponsors. We were presented with gifts and coupons and had an opportunity to meet some of the amazing companies that make our Miss Teenage Canada Pageant experience possible!


A group selfie with some of the lovely delegates at the MTC Sponsor Party!

The ball room where the party was held was absolutely beautiful. Fancy carpeted floors, gorgeous textured walls and big windows with great views of the city. With so many girls in crowns, heels and fancy dresses it felt like we were at a real royal event! I was so excited to take part in this fun activity, meet the wonderful delegates and our generous sponsors.

ball room

Sponsor Party!

Nuvango Art gallery & Fashion Lifestyle Brand created a shareable moment centre by offering up some designer clothes and a full length mirror.  This is a girl party mainstay. I absolutely love the products from this art gallery and clothing brand! I’m so looking forward to a tour of the Nuvango headquarters on Tuesday, if their workplace is as interesting as their product we’re in for quite a treat!

KB SPONSORS Novango logo

Nuvango design
ers “collaborate with artists from around the world to design incredible apparel & accessories featuring their original artwork. All of our goods are made with love, by us, in our studio factory in Toronto, Canada. We have an art gallery and retail store as well, so you can always stop by for a visit. Never a dull day!”

My new Nuvango Leggings! Thank you Nuvango!

My new Nuvango Leggings! Thank you Nuvango!

Nuvango Gear for the 2016 Delegates

Nuvango Gear for the 2016 Delegates

At the sponsor party they had a wide selection of shirts, tanks and leggings to choose from and they were so kind as to give us all a piece of clothing. I was so excited and completely torn between their products, all were so creative and COLOURFUL! How could I choose? After a lot of thinking I made the decision to go with a pair of funky print workout leggings! I cannot wait to hit the gym in my new work out leggings from Nuvango.  I will be the most stylish person in the gym!  Each article is designed with stunning and creative paintings by accomplished artists.

Screen Shot 2014-07-19 at 11.10.00 PMWe were also introduced to the ladies from GOLDEN GLAMOUR GODDESSES who have kindly offered to come to the hotel to offer professional spray tans and provided a gift bag for each delegate.  They ladies were lovely and so excited to be involved with MTC once again this year. Golden Glamour Goddesses is a sponsorship that is ALL THINGS BEAUTY. The ladies at the GGG table were great representatives that told me all about their business, spray tans, lashes and makeup! They explained everything to me so well that I decided to get a spray tan for myself! I can’t wait for this experience because trying new things is what this week at Miss Teenage Canada is all about.

with our Golden Glamour Goddess Gift bags

with our Golden Glamour Goddess Gift bags



And of course, what goes with a beautiful tan?  Gorgeous new SUNGLASSES

V.P.I. Sunglasses

I love my new shades!!

from V.P.I. Sunglasses Canada.  I LOVE THEM! The generous people at V.P.I. Canada provided each 2016 Miss Teenage Canada Delegate with their own fashionable pair of their Sunglasses. All of the delegates rocked there new shades. We got to choose from a wide variety of shapes and colours. I went with a pair of bright neon pink ones in a Wayfarer style and my lovely roommate Katie from Nova Scotia went with a pair of funky purple floral sunglasses. I wore the sunglasses all around Toronto while we toured the city.   Check out my Roomie Katie from Nova Scotia and I sporting our new shades!


Katie and I in our V.P.I. Sunglasses

Katie and I in our V.P.I. Sunglasses

KB SPONSOR Bradlee Ryall GolfKeeping the summer theme going, we were each given the opportunity to try our Golfing skills compliments of the folks at Bradlee Ryall Golf Academy. #Ryallgolf #kaneffgolf

Look who got a HOLE IN ONE!

HOLE IN ONE, Me, Katie and Precious

HOLE IN ONE, Me, Katie and Precious

Yes, that is me, my Roommate Katie and Precious from New Brunswick!  We showed off our outstanding Putting skills!  Well, my putting skills were more like hockey skills rather then golf but hopefully when we head to Bradlee Ryall Golf Academy  on Wednesday I’ll learn to change my hockey girl habits!  Looking forward to playing in a SPECIAL HOLE IN ONE TOURNAMENT!

Getting my HOLE in ONE with Bradlee Ryall Golf Academy!

Getting my HOLE in ONE with Bradlee Ryall Golf Academy IN HEELS!

KB SPONSORS HashtagioHASHTAGIO – Social Media Aggregator


Hashtagio is a new start-up social media aggregator app that is hopi
ng to make an impact by gathering up all the media in the blogosphere marked #MissTeenageCanada2016 and sculpt it into a custom feed.  I am very excited to see how this amazing new company will pull this all together! I’m having so much fun using these hashtags on social media.


I had my first attempt at Archery thanks to the folks at ARCHER’S ARENA, a new sponsor of the Miss Teenage Canada organization. Trying this sport out made me feel just like Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger games!

Trying my hand at Archery

Trying my hand at Archery

Archer’s Arena brings the raw intensity of the fight back into traditional archery through Combat Archery.  Pioneering the competition and inspiring a new generation or archers through marksmanship, agility, stamina and teamwork.” 

I have decided it is my newest sport!

KB SPONSORS Sweets CanadaIt’s a good thing I have a sweet tooth because Sam Dhutia from SWEETS CANADA was at the party doing chocolate tastings.  Sam made a very informative and delicious chocolate tasting exhibit – after each sampling he generously gave out gourmet chocolate bars and/or edible flower chocolate bars depending on each delegate’s individual preference, as discovered during the tastings. I chose to go with a Cranberry and Lavender Petals dark chocolate because Lavenders are my favourite type of flower.  Sweets Canada is on Twitter @SweetsCanadaCA #sweetscanada



Deciding between all of Sweet Canada’s tasty chocolates!


Yogen Fruz provided us with $15 coupons which we will be given later this week and I’m so excited because I absolutely LOVE frozen yogurt!!




Delegates are especially advised to seek out and introduce themselves to Daphna and Karen Nussbaum from Storia PR in Toronto.

KB SPONSOR Rimmel London


Rimmel London provided a surplus of products to our 2016 MTC Delegate packages and also set up a special make up station of extra products.  You can find them at Rimmel London – Google Search// <!

A wonderful afternoon was spent by all at the SQUARE ONE Mall.  We shopped until we dropped! Each delegate was generously given a $30 Gift coupon to spend at the Mall. Did I mention, I LOVE TO SHOP!  I managed to find some great deals and purchased a dress, a scarf and a skirt with my $30 coupon.  A GREAT DAY!

To top off our gifts, each delegate was presented with our official MTC Tee-shirt and Hat compliments of the Miss Teenage Canada Pageant organization. I’m so excited to wear these shirts and hats on Wednesday because they’re cute, comfy and of course PINK! I love pink!

KB DAY ONE MTC Shirt and hat


I am overwhelmed by the generosity of the sponsors and the support that they give to the MTC organization and the delegates.

Our MTC Wear!

Our MTC Wear!

Another generous sponsor is the SQUARE ONE Mall. We had a wonderful day at the mall, we shopped until we dropped! Each delegate was generously given a $30 Gift coupon to spend at the Mall. Did I mention, I LOVE TO SHOP!  I managed to find some great deals and purchased a dress, a scarf and a skirt with my $30 coupon.  A GREAT DAY! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! #SQ1 #squareone


Shopping fun!

Stay Tuned and GO GOLD


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