A Night Celebrating Community Achievement

Chamber of Commerce Awards Night Live on Cogeco TV and MYFM

One of my favourite things about being Miss Teenage Eastern Ontario and Miss Teen Ontario East previously is the people that I have the opportunity to meet that I wouldn’t otherwise have.

Getting ready to present awards with Danika Jenkins Miss Teen Ontario East 2017

Last week, along with my successor, Danika Jenkins Miss Teen Ontario East 2017 were invited to attend the Chamber of Commerce Awards banquet and hand out the various recognition awards for the community.  It was an honour and a privilege to be part of the festivities and to get the chance to meet the incredible business professionals and volunteers who make our community so very special.

The theme for the evening was A Night at the Casino so we had the opportunity to visit with the guests as they tried their luck at a variety of casino games before the awards portion of the evening commenced.  It was a great networking opportunity for everyone in attendance and I was fortunate enough to meet many of the people who would later be recognized.  The food was incredible!  Congratulations to Amy from Rocky Mountain House who provided the most delicious appetizers I have ever tasted.

Delicious array of food and YES A CANDY TABLE provided by Rocky Mountain House

The evening was all about recognizing outstanding businesses, long-serving businesses, new businesses, hardworking community groups and special volunteers.  It was amazing to see and speak with business owners who have carried on family businesses for over 100 years!  What an incredible accomplishment!  Danika and I met each of the recipients as we handed off awards and paused for photos.

The crowd favourite for the evening was definitely the co-recipient of the YOUTH VOLUNTEER AWARD, Charlie LeClaire!  Charlie, along with Mitchell Hanniman were awarded the Youth of the Year Awards.  Both are very active in their community and spend countless hours volunteering at various events.  Charlie was definitely the BEST DRESSED Man at the event!  With Charlie’s personality and his ability to take over the room, he will definitely be headed for a political future.

Community YOUTH of The YEAR co-winner, CHARLIE!

The last award of the evening was the Citizen of the Year award and my very own Pageant Mom; Patti Dillabough was a nominee.  Patti, is the Director of the Teen Ontario East pageant and puts so many volunteer hours into the pageant, working with the titleholders, assisting delegates and chairing the Teen Ontario East’s Childhood Cancer Awareness campaign.  It is inspiring!  In addition to the pageant associated events, Patti is also a strong supporter and volunteer with a number of other charities and causes both inside and outside the community.   She is so deserving of the award and the special recognition that it represents.  It is through Patti’s leadership that so many of us have been introduced to, and become passionate about, volunteering.  It was an honour for both Danika and I to be part of Patti’s recognition ceremony.  She is so deserving and such a humble recipient of the award.

With Teen Ontario East Director and Citizen of the Year Patti Dillabough and the Inspirational Paige Dillabough

Congratulations Patti Dillabough, Citizen of the Year!


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  1. avatar Gladys Sidock says:

    Love your blogs. You don,t miss a thing . Honoured to know you.

  2. avatar Gladys Sidock says:

    We so enjoyed seeing you at all of these events. You always present yourself with dignity and friendliness. Thanks for all your efforts,

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