Throughout my reigning year, the Candlelighter’s was a very familiar foundation, in which, I was very pleasured to learn about and be associated with. As part of the Miss Teen Ontario East Pageant, Candlelighter’s is the platform so it was an absolute pleasure and honour to be able to attend the many events held by the Candlelighter’s Foundation.

Greeting runners with Candlelighter's as they participate in the Ottawa Race Weekend.

If you see a gold ribbon, you may know that it is the symbol for Childhood Cancer Awareness. An important Foundation to the lives of many children and their families is Candlelighter’s.

It consists of “Childhood Cancer Support Programs” which has a mission to:

“enrich the lives of children and their families coping with childhood cancer; and to promote awareness and understanding of the impact of childhood cancer and their families”.

– Candlelighter’s (

Playing music at the Candlelighter's Art Show and Auction

I was able to attend the Candlelighter’s Gala Dinner night and heard more about the foundation, heard the story from a family who had a child with cancer and was supported by Candlelighter’s and witnessed just how many dedicated people there were, which was evident because, frankly, the hall was full of people.

Because of this pageant experience, I was able to meet people who were effected by Childhood Cancer, whether it was a family member of a child with cancer, people who have had cancer when they were a child, battled it and defeated it, and also, children who have cancer presently.

The word “Cancer” is a scary word to me, and I am sure that I’m not the only one who has the same opinion, but the people that I have met along the way that have had to hear this scary word over and over again have taught me what it is to be brave. Knowing what the Candlelighter’s Foundation has done for people that I am proud to call ‘friends’, makes me very feel grateful that there is a such a vital and important foundation that exists to support these families.

Cancer is a scary thing. Maybe part of this scariness is the fact that we do not know exactly what causes it or how to immediately remove it with complete reassurance that it will never come back, but one thing is for sure; when we match up the innocence of a child next to a sickness that can be life-threatening, that is proof that life can be unfair. It is reassuring, though, that there is a foundation that will support the effected both emotionally and financially.

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  1. avatar Annette Miller says:

    Thanks for helping raise awareness and support for such a worthy cause.

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