Today was another busy but fun-filled day in the big city of TORONTO! The day began at 5am since we had to be at Global National for 6:20am for a couple of segments. The first segment we did was aired in Ontario and then the second segment was aired nation-wide, all over Canada! During the two segments, the hosts picked names out of a bowl and then, further, whoever was picked had the opportunity to pick a question out of another bowl and answer it on live television. This was a neat experience both for the girls who were drawn out of the bowl, as well as those who were watching simply because it will be very similar to the way that the night of the actual Miss Teenage Canada Pageant will go.

The next adventure on the schedule today was to go to the CN Tower! After snagging our amazingly comfortable Hi-Tec sandals, we headed to the CN Tower to do some sight seeing and touring. The view from up there was just breath-taking and we were lucky to have perfect weather with a high of around 30 degrees and sun!

After coming back to the hotel for a short rest, we then headed straight for another mall – the EATON CENTRE! The Eaton Centre, the largest mall in Toronto, was an absolute blast to be at for the evening. We were able to go to multiple stores and do some shopping and had many photo-ops with many people that came swarming around our group! We were able to grab a meal there at the Eaton Centre and following dinner, headed back to the hotel for more rehearsal time.

I cannot believe day four of the Miss Teenage Canada Pageant week is concluding. In just two days will be preliminaries, in three days, the gala and the following day after that, the actual pageant night! The week has been amazing, and one thing that has made it so is the fact that you get to spend it with 55 kind, beautiful and unique girls. It has been a thrill going out on adventures, but another adventure that has been enjoyable is learning about the girls and speaking with them.

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