Day 5

Today was another fantastic day! We started off with an AWESOME workout at The Fit Body Project. We had a great time doing circuits and yoga; it was nice to get a chance to be active! The ladies who ran the workouts were all so kind, fun and helpful. I learned a lot about workouts and how to do them properly.

Sarah and I

Princesses don’t sweat, they sparkle #sonottrue

We then had a delicious and nutritious sushi lunch from Fish’d by EDO. It was such a great post workout meal. Thank you Fish’d by EDO!

Sushi with Yulia

Yulia and I enjoying our salmon sushi wraps from Fish’d by EDO

Game of foam

Game of Foam!

Next on the agenda was a fun and exciting game of archery tag at Archer’s Arena. This was one of the most fun things I’ve ever gotten to take part in! I loved every minute of it! All of the delegates were taught how to load a bow, aim and fire! We then had a wild game of archery tag where we divided ourselves into two teams and began to shoot one another with the foam arrows. We felt like we were in the Hunger Games!


Just call me Katniss Everdeen


After a super day we headed to the Texas Lone Star for another delicious meal. We had fresh fajitas for dinner!


A great meal at a great restaurant!

We got to head back to the room tonight so my roommate and I took some time to practice our dance number and walking in our heels. We’re going to try to get to bed early tonight because it’s going to be a big day tomorrow! Preliminaries are tomorrow night and I’m so excited!
















-Kathleen Miss Teenage Eastern Ontario 2016

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