So, today is Friday JULY 25th and the Miss Teenage Canada Pageant Night is TOMORROW! I cannot believe how fast this week has gone and it will be quite bittersweet when I realize that the week has come to an end. This has definitely been an experience of a lifetime and a highlight in my lifetime.

Tonight had to have been the most wonderful night of all – it was the GALA! The Gala consisted of having dinner, the delegates showcasing their talent and as well as their platforms. It is the absolute truth that these ladies are not only kind and beautiful, but also, extremely talented. It is an honour that I am able to be in an event with women that possess these characteristics. Tonight, some family and friends of the delegates were present which made the night even more special. It made me extremely happy and I felt so blessed that my family and friends (and the executive of the Miss Teen Ontario East Pageant) were able to attend tonight’s Gala!

Tomorrow we will be rehearsing like crazy, because, in just short of 24 hours, it will be SHOWTIME!

I’ve got to go and count some sheep now.


Sonya 🙂

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