This morning, we headed straight to High Park to have a yummy breakfast! Bacon, eggs, potatoes and toast…it was simply marvellous! With that great start to the day, we headed back to the hotel and got into some heavy duty strutting and rehearsal. We began with practicing our walks. “Practicing walking?” you may ask? Yes! Walking! With having a couple of experts, Jill (Miss Teenage Canada 2013) and Courtney (a previous runner up in the Miss Teenage Canada Pageant) , we were taught the proper technique of doing the different walks. The two major walks that we focused on were bathing suit as well as evening wear. At one point in the walking session, Jill put on some Beyoncé music and asked us to do the most outrageous “model walk” we could possibly do, over-exaggerating everything. We had a lot of laughs while doing this, witnessed a lot of hair-flipping and seriously strutted our stuff! After working on our walks, dance rehearsal followed. We, as a whole, got a lot accomplished during that rehearsal – our hard work payed off.

Tonight after rehearsal, we went to MEDIEVAL TIMES! I’d have to say that this adventure was my favourite outing of the week because it was so different and AMAZING! The whole environment at Medieval Times was so realistic and while watching the show, it felt as if you were there during that specific era. Some parts of the show literally gave me goosebumps…not one word of a lie. I think that Medieval Times is a show for everyone, no matter you age or gender. It was an exhilarating experience and I cannot wait to go back someday. Just when I thought the day couldn’t get any better, on the bus ride back to the hotel we were told that we could sleep in the next morning!!! 🙂 This outing was definitely one of my favourites of the entire week, hands down.

In the beginning, it was safe to say that the Miss Teenage Canada Pageant experience would be unique and fun, but now, halfway through the week, I can say that it has been much more than just those two words. The whole experience is only a week long, from Saturday to Saturday, and there is a lot to do in such a short span. Going on outings in the city, rehearsal, runway practice, breakfast, lunch, supper, shopping and the list goes on and on but, it is also a journey. It is a pleasure to spend an entire week with some of the most beautiful, talented and hardworking young women in Canada. We are all here for a reason, have worked hard to get here and have made an impact on our communities whether it was by attending events, hosting our own events, or simply by just being influential peoples. This journey only seems to be getting better and better as the days go by – we are becoming closer and there is a bond. Whether we, as an entire group, end up singing happy birthday to someone in the middle of a shopping mall, or in the middle of Medieval Times, moments such as those make you feel proud that you are able to impact someone’s day in the smallest way. Moments such as those make you feel proud that you are able to have an opportunity such as this which such outstanding teenage girls from across Canada. Being here at the Miss Teenage Canada has taught me about teamwork and hard work. Although we are all vying for a title at the end of the week, I realize that this entire experience in itself is a prize and one that I am very grateful for.

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