Today was a long but rather quick day. The alarm clock was set for 4am due to the fact that we had an appearance on Breakfast Television Toronto at 6:40am! Entering the set of Breakfast Television, was, in itself, a really neat experience. There were many lights and cameras and multiple people on set which included directors, camera operators and many others. I realize I have yet to mention an important group of people that were on the set today: the hosts. I wanted to specifically talk about them for a moment because I really have a great appreciation for the work that they do. Their communication and interviewing skills are beyond impressive, their charisma on and off set is admirable and they were hilarious to watch and listen to. I LOVED watching them and really enjoyed being a part of the show.

After Breakfast Television, we drove to High Park and had an AMAZING breakfast. Following breakfast, we had to head back to the hotel for a hair tutorial by Schwarzkopf Professional. We generously received gift bags which contained a couple types of hair product. The final activity that they got us to do was a hair braid and messy bun competition in which all of the girls got into groups and had the opportunity to do the hair of one of their team member’s. The girl’s team with the best “braided” hairstyle won a prize as well as the team who did the “favourite” messy bun after a vote. The activity was a lot of fun and gave us the opportunity to learn many different hair tips and how to use their products.

Later in the day we got to go SHOPPING! The Yorkdale Mall was busy and people definitely noticed the shiny objects on our heads, which meant…many photo-ops! We were able to go to BENCH, one of Miss Teenage Canada‘s sponsors and were privilaged enough to have receieved a 25 dollar gift card on behalf of BENCH. The shopping experience was crazy awesome fun but overwhelming at the same time because there are 60 odd girls in the same store all at once! We really filled the place up! After this shopping spree, we headed straight to the food court for a bite to eat. The Yorkdale Mall was kind enough to give each of us a 10 dollar gift card that we could use to purchase lunch.

After this day of being on TV and Shopping, we headed back to the hotel and started rehearsing. After being in heels for 2 hours, it was safe to say that my feet were quite sore, but “no pain, no gain”, right?! We walked and danced… and danced some more, and to add the icing to the cake, our Hi-Tec Sandals came in! I am really looking forward to wearing them on our adventure tomorrow…but I don’t want to tell you what it is – can’t give everything away!

Until next time!

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One Response to Day Three: TV & Shopping!

  1. avatar Penny Bergin says:

    It sounds like you are having loads of fun. Fourth day today…wow, that’s going by fast. I really enjoy following your updates. It doesn’t feel like you are 389kms away from us.
    We’ll see you in 2 sleeps 🙂
    With much love from Mom and Dad…plus Oreo

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