First thing this morning, all of us delegates of the Miss Teenage Canada Pageant got our hair and makeup done by Motives Cosmetics. The makeup artists and hairstylists really enabled us to get our true glam on, giving us a gorgeous dramatic smokey eye and hair with lots of volume! It was a really unique experience to have hair and makeup done professionally, especially since I have never had them done before. This morning consisted of a large hall with three rows of tables, over 20 makeup artists and over 15 hairstylists.  While I was getting my hair done, I sat in a chair that was facing a window and distinctly remember overlooking the airport, which, is literally down the street. Moments like those really make me feel so blessed to be here and have this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It was lovely.

Photo with Chrystalle, Miss Teenage Manitoba 2014.

After getting hair and makeup done, it was straight to the set. Firstly, we had to take a photo shoot. I do have to say, it really felt like a “cover-girl” moment – standing on a set in stilettos, makeup and hair done down to the tee, lights and a camera and a fan blowing your hair back ever so gently.  The second part of todays schedule was the VIDEO SHOOT! Again, another “cover-girl” moment that felt like you were on the set for a fashion magazine. Trés cool! Finally, the last part of the day’s schedule was an panel interview with the judges.The whole day came together very nicely and was filled with new and exciting experiences.

Before concluding, I wanted to say another big thank you to my sponsors: the Miss Teen Ontario East Pageant Organization, New Wave Swimwear Renfrew and Bell Mobility Renfrew! Also, I would like to say a HUGE thank you so all of my followers and supporters who have been constantly sending me their best wishes. No matter if you are just a 4 hour drive away, or on the other side of the world, your love and positive energy have reached me here in Toronto – so thank you for your encouragement! It means the world to me.

The sun is trying to peak out right now as I look out our hotel window which will be wonderful for tomorrow’s adventures. I find that the days are just flying by but the good times and good memories just keep flooding in! Only time will tell what tomorrow and the rest of the week will hold and I am very eager to find out just what is it store.

Take care,

Sonya 🙂




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4 Responses to Day Two: Getting the Glam On!

  1. avatar Josephine A. Stewart says:

    Good luck again, Sonya,you already won by just competing,remember that.Just be yourself and enjoy every minute of each day.

  2. avatar Jocelyn Lamont Executive Director ~ Candlelighters says:

    Thank you for sharing your pageant adventure Sonya! Whatever tomorrow brings, enjoy!

  3. avatar Jessica Mahusky says:

    So happy to hear that your first 24 hours in Toronto have been so wonderful!!:) I’m so proud of you bestie!! I love you lots!xo Have fun girl 🙂

  4. avatar Valerie says:

    Embrace every moment Sonya. Memories of a life time are being made. Enjoy!!!

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