Dear Diary:

What an experience this is!  I am having so much fun!

All ready for my Photo Shoot

Tuesday was a very busy day.  We had our hair and makeup done and then it was on to do Media interviews, official photo shoots and our pageant interviews with the Judges.  It was an incredible day!  For those skeptics who say that pageants are a negative experience and that they don’t provide a positive environment for young women, I can honestly say, THEY ARE WRONG!  The interview experience and the confidence you gain doing public speaking, are life skills that all of us will use as we go forward into our chosen careers.

Its time for my official Interview with the Pageant Judges

Photo shoots, interviews and media interviews took us well into the early evening and then it was on to rehearsals!  We met with Shawn Cuffy the MTC choreographer and started to learn dance numbers and stage direction.  It was a wonderful day and we were feet-weary when we headed up to our rooms for the night.  I did some blogging and then lights out finished off the day!

Wednesday morning it was up and off to get some physical activity.  We headed off to the Vaughn Sportsplex and played volleyball soccer and bubble soccer.  Now that was an experience!  So much fun!  After a nutritious lunch from SUBWAY picnic style at the Sports complex it was back to the hall to continue rehearsals for the afternoon.

Ready for Dinner

We dressed for dinner and headed off to Dave and Busters where we had a lovely dinner and the hit the arcade!

A delicious dinner at Dave & Busters


Heading into the Midway at Dave & Busters

What a blast!  I played all kinds of games, had an aggressive dance off and tested my driving skills.  It was loud and I loved every minute of the evening.









These last two days have been incredibly busy but I wouldn’t have wanted to miss a thing!  This has certainly been the experience of a lifetime!

Let’s see what tomorrow brings!



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3 Responses to Dear Diary – My MTC Pageant Week Journal – DAY 2/ Day 3

  1. avatar Gladys Sidock says:

    You are so willing to take on everything and , as you say, enjoy every minute.,you have a great positive outlook

  2. avatar Becky says:

    What an adventure you are on, Sophia! So many new experiences…and so much fun!

  3. avatar SMOJoe says:

    you are a VERY strong contender – your photos are pro

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