The past few months have been incredibly busy and filled with excitement! My journey to the Miss Teenage Canada Pageant has required a lot of preparations; volunteering, fundraising, blogging, filling out paperwork, issuing receipts and sending out numerous personal thank you cards. All of these tasks are important and they are all lessons we have all learned from the opportunity of being a Miss Teenage Canada Delegate.  These requirements show that the delegates of the Miss Teenage Canada pageant are responsible and capable young women who take their regional titles and responsibilities seriously. It is amazing what I have learned just by being a 2016 Miss Teenage Canada Delegate; Time Management, Public Relations skills, Public speaking skills, the importance of prioritizing and organizing, dealing with unforeseen challenges and constantly being ON THE GO!  I have LOVED every minute of it.  I still can’t believe that I’m leaving for Toronto THIS WEEKEND! I’m so excited for this experience and all of the friends and memories I will make throughout the week. I can’t wait to meet the other delegates, learn about their hometowns, their charity platforms and what they are passionate about.

My Shopping Excursion

My Shopping Excursion

The last two weeks of my preparations have been very busy but very exciting and rewarding. Kicking off the final countdown to MTC was a 10- hour shopping trip to the Bayshore Shopping Centre in Ottawa with my mom, sister and good friends Patti and Paige. We took the term “shop till you drop” quite literally. Thanks to my shopping team for helping with some last minute decisions and bargain finds!

BLOG 14 BELLS AND BOWI had a dress fitting of my absolutely gorgeous evening gown that I purchased from BELLS and BOWS BRIDAL Centre in Lethbridge, Alberta.  Special thanks to Angeline MacDonald for taking the time to assist me and for making my long distance gown shopping an incredible experience.  I cannot wait to wear my gown at the Miss Teenage Canada Pageant.  I can’t share pictures yet, but trust me IT IS WORTH THE WAIT!

Then it was a long fashion show session with all of my potential outfits pairing them with jewelry, the ever-important shoes and accessories.  Once everything was chosen and complimented properly then it all had to be PACKED!



Throughout the week, I also had a variety of events to take part in. I had a lot of fun filming a video at Bonnechere Caves as my first Blog assignment! Tuesday I had a radio interview with MYFM RADIO about my journey as Miss Teenage Eastern Ontario and my upcoming trip to Miss Teenage Canada and then started my 2nd blog assignment creating a banner for the Miss Teenage Canada pageant. I loved being able to show my creative side using digital art.

Lots of Family and Friends turned out at my GOOD LUCK Send off Party

Lots of Family and Friends turned out at my GOOD LUCK Send off Party

After a busy week, my sponsor, the Miss Teen Ontario East Pageant Organization was so kind to throw me a GOING AWAY/GOOD LUCK PARTY at Coco Jarry’s in Renfrew. I was so happy to have all of my friends and family show up to give me their support and to wish me luck. It was a lovely evening.  Coco Jarry’s made us a wonderful buffet of their famous

Our MISS TEEN Slushies created by NICK owner of COCO JARRY'S! LOVED THEM!

Our MISS TEEN Slushies created by NICK owner of COCO JARRY’S! LOVED THEM!

pizza, nachos, bruschetta bread and wraps and the owner Nick featured a special Miss Teen Slushy for us to enjoy out on the patio. A pink and delicious blend of fruit juices and icy goodness.  I was very honored that His Worship Mayor Michael Donohue, Mayor of Admaston-Bromley took the time from his very busy schedule to attend my GOING AWAY/GOOD LUCK PARTY and give me his personal best wishes.

With Mayor of Admaston/Bromley His Worship Mayor Michael Donohue

With Mayor of Admaston/Bromley His Worship Mayor Michael Donohue

Finishing up the week, I was treated to a relaxing day at the Main Street Spa in Cobden with my mom getting manicures and pedicures. It was nice to take a few hours to sit back relax and be pampered after an eventful and rewarding 7 weeks.


Getting special treatment at the Main Street Spa in Cobden

My final duty this week was to close my charity bank account and get all of the money I’ve raised into two separate checks, one for Free the Children and one for Fort McMurray Fire Relief. I can only imagine how happy the ladies at the bank were because they will no longer have to count my baggies of heavy change or paper clipped bills that they had to count after every fundraiser! This was an exciting time, but also a bittersweet one, because this meant that all of my fundraising was done. I truly enjoyed taking on the FUNDRAISING PROJECT challenge. The most important things we can give are our talents and time to help others. I look forward to continuing my charity work in the future with many of the charity organizations I’ve met along this journey.

I will be attempting to do daily BLOG posts during my Miss Teenage Canada week so everyone can keep up with my experience and my Miss Teenage Canada pageant journey.  I apologize in advance if I miss a day but according to my predecessors Caroline, Hillary, Gracie, Sonya and Theresa I will be a tad busy!  So excited for everything this amazing experience is about to bring me!

TOE logo

BLOG 14 farmer bootsBefore signing off, I would also like to take this time to thank my SPONSOR and HOME PAGEANT, the MISS TEEN ONTARIO EAST PAGEANT for providing me with this unique and incredible opportunity.


So, I guess it’s off with the work boots, the ball hat and my farmer-wear and ON WITH THE HEELS!


Next stop Toronto and the Miss Teenage Canada Pageant!


Go Gold



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