“Hello out there, we’re on the air, I’ts Hockey night tonight!” Stompin Tom Connors

Take a beautiful summer afternoon; add some small town enthusiasm, a great Canadian tradition and a world renowned charity and you have one entertaining event.

ball hockey 3Hockey is the ultimate Canadian sport, and for those living in small small town Canada, it is also what unites us and brings rural Canadian dwellers closer together.  In my small home town, the village of Barry’s Bay,  hockey provides just that and we modify the sport to participate in summer.  Last night, as part of my Miss Teenage Canada Pageant Free the Children Fund raising project, I hosted a family-friendly three on three ball hockey tournament on the streets of Barry’s’ Bay.   Several families came together to support Free the Children and to have a great time playing our modified national sport.

The “Ball Hockey Scrimmage” event consisted of girls and boys ages 8-14 (for the junior Ball hockey1division) and 15-18 (for the senior division) to come singly or as a team, and enjoy the nation’s sport, using a ball instead of a hockey puck! For a small fee, from 4 pm – 8 pm, children and youth were able to take their hockey equipment out of summer hibernation and put it to use in a safe and supervised environment.  Exercise prompts appetites, so BBQ hotdogs and drinks were also sold to give the participants the energy they needed to make it through the evening!

It was a wonderful “FUN”d raising event for Free the Children but it was also an opportunity for families from the community to come together, have some fun and catch up with neighbours and friends.

ball hockey 2“Don’t ever forget where you came from-especially if you don’t know where you are going.”  Sara Marie Hogg.

A huge thank you goes out to all of the people who supported my event through donations or as a volunteer;  the cooks, the referees, the individuals who handled all of the equipment, and those who built some of the equipment- thank you!   Thank you to the families who allowed their children to participate and who came out to support their kids and the charity.   It was a fantastic evening celebrating the Free the Children Charity.

Kids helping kids is a requirement to keep focusing on the future of volunteerism in our communities!

ball hockey 4

“No matter where life will take me…I will never forget where I came from…” Theresa, Miss Teenage Eastern Ontario 2015

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