I would like to introduce you to my Charity Platform; CHILDHOOD CANCER AWARENESS.


It is a platform that I am passionate about and one that I dedicate a great deal of my time and energy to.  My connection to my Charity Platform is a very personal one; my sister Jill is a Childhood cancer survivor!  Rallying, fund raising and speaking at Childhood cancer events has been a priority for my entire family since Jill’s diagnosis.

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I will be introducing a CHILDHOOD CANCER AWARENESS Blog Series to give you all a very personal insight into the importance and need for people to become more aware of Childhood cancer and the many charities that assist kids with cancer and their families.  It is important that people realize that when a child is diagnosed with cancer, it not only affects the child but it has a major impact on the family, the siblings, the friends and the circle of people who are entwined in the life of the child diagnosed.  In my upcoming CHILDHOOD CANCER AWARENESS Blog Series, I will be giving insight into the many people who were affected when my sister Jill was diagnosed; how they felt, what their reaction was when they were informed, how Jill’s diagnosis impacted their life and why they feel that childhood cancer awareness needs to come to the forefront.

Sisters Share Childhood Memories and Lifelong Dreams; My Sisters Jill and Jenna

Sisters Share Childhood Memories and Lifelong Dreams; My Sisters Jill and Jenna

Until my sister was diagnosed and we were thrust into the world of Childhood cancer, I didn’t really think about kids getting cancer.  It had never occurred to me that this was even a possibility.  I now realize the hardships that the kids go through, the journey that the family members embark upon and the impact that a diagnosis has on an entire community.

Did you know?…

Childhood cancer is relatively uncommon. However, it remains the most common disease-related cause of death – more than asthma, diabetes, cystic fibrosis and AIDS combined. It is second only to injury-related deaths among Canadian children.

Cancers in children act differently and are found in different organs in the body than those that are found in adults. In general, tumours in children often grow more quickly and spread to other parts of the body faster. Children are more likely to develop leukemia and lymphoma than adults.

Cancer in children creates a large impact on our health, economic and social welfare systems. It also places a burden on the child with cancer and their family. An estimated two-thirds of childhood cancer survivors will have at least one chronic or long-term side effect from their cancer treatment. As more children survive cancer, the need for long-term monitoring and follow-up care will continue to grow.

It can take several years to collect and confirm cancer data, so the number of new cancer cases and deaths from recent years may not be available for some time. The most recent data available are provided.

Read more: http://www.cancer.ca

3% fundingI have attended many events promoting Childhood cancer awareness, both as a sibling of a cancer patient and as a regional titleholder and I have learned so much about the need to bring Childhood cancer research to the forefront.  It shocked me to realize that only 3% of the funds raised for cancer research are focused on childhood cancers.  That is much too small of a percentage!  We need to lobby to increase that percentage so more research can be afforded and so new treatment plans and a cure can be found for various childhood cancers.

My Objective with my CHILDHOOD CANCER AWARENESS BLOG Series is to Inform and Educate my readers on the impact of a childhood cancer diagnosis and the need to increase awareness which will in turn promote funding and results.  I owe a great deal of gratitude to my sister Jill who has allowed me to tell her story, interview family members and friends on the impact that her diagnosis had on them.  I am hoping that presenting my platform with such a personal connection will touch my readers and will encourage others to get involved in childhood cancer charities so that we can raise the funds needed for  the research that is required to pin point childhood cancers and establish life-saving protocols.

My Sister, My Inspiration

My Sister, My Inspiration

Awareness+Funding+Research=A CURE

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Stay tuned for my next installment; My Life as a Childhood Cancer Survivor – The Story of Jill.




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