I have a deep passion for writing, especially poetry. I was inspired to write this piece of writing about Mental Health after experiencing a tragic death which was as a result of suicide. My ability to fully comprehend death was never a strength of mine, but after some reflection, I was able to write down my thoughts and feelings in the form of a short poem. The melancholy and aching feeling that I had inside of my heart, without a doubt, was no comparison to the feeling that the very close family members of this person experienced. It is in my best wishes that some of you reading will be able to find comfort if you have experienced an event similar to this. My platform, as you may know already if you have been following my blog, is mental health. This is one of the reasons why it is so close to my heart. I would like to do something about it, would erase it from the world if I could, but spreading awareness may be just as effective. This should not happen. It makes my heart ache to know that it happens – that people suffer this deeply and have to take their own life, and those that were close have to suffer the loss. That is why we should continue to spread awareness.
Talking about it. Saving lives. Spreading Awareness. Supporting one another.
Because each and every person being is a human of dignity and integrity.
Because everyone deserves happiness and to live life to the fullest.
Entering a household that feels no longer like a home
Because this home used to feel full
But now it feels empty
This feeling, unexplainable
Cannot be described
Like the planet has stopped spinning
And now our heads, remain the only things that do so
There is a heaviness-
It fills this room
At the same time, makes it empty
Surrounded by past with walls covered in memories
It deepens this hole in our hearts
Digging deeper and deeper
Images of you in different circumstance
Your infectious smile taking away painful silence in the room
How it would be as you walk around
Lighting up every conversation with eyes that tell many stories by themselves
I cannot understand
How a speaking breathing loving being can become so lifeless after just one moment
Something that I will never comprehend fully- how, why.
How you were just smiling not so long ago, and in your stillness,
I can still see your chest rise- breathing
In my hopefulness, wishing you would take one breath again
In my wishfulness, hoping you would take one breath again
Your hands, they send a cold shock into mine
That kept my hand cold like the cold spirits that walk around this room
And the coldness of your hands somehow set my heart cold
Once you were a child
Scared in the middle of the night
Jumping into mothers bed and she held you tight
Now she is howling as the tears run down her face
Wishing you to come back
It is said that the heart cannot ache
But what, then, is this aching feeling
Inside of our hearts
That it’s pain strengthens at a single mention of your name
No height of pain will bring you back to life
No amount of money will buy back the time
The heart aches because of the dream
The dream for that little boy in the picture frame
The dream within those young innocent eyes
Absent of any hidden pain masked behind them
Not knowing, not caring what tomorrow holds
I will see you now
In the morning where the sun rises
Just passing the trees
I will feel you
As the sun beams down on earth
And warms my face
Where you remain
No longer in one single place
At one single time
But everywhere
All of the time
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2 Responses to Mental Health: An Inspired Piece of Writing

  1. avatar Deborah Pratt says:

    Thanks for bringing the very important issue of mental health to the forefront. Really enjoyed your blogs about day-to-day issues that affect everyone. Keep up the great work. Wishing you a wonderful pageant experience! Have fun, take it all in, and just be yourself. After all, that’s what got you there in the first place! Enjoy!

  2. avatar Annette Miller says:

    Sonya, thanks for taking the time to bring attention to this issue. If more people remove the taboo and fear of talking about mental health and let people know that it is okay to express yourself – let others know your pain, what you are trying to deal with – with no judgement or negativity, they will come forward. Your poem is very touching!!

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