Giving our bodies some nutritious food to begin the day gave all delegates the energy and understanding to learn how to stand, walk and dance like professionals! Fresh apples, bananas, peaches and strawberries, multiple kinds of flavoured yogurt, granola bars, moist chocolate chip muffins, and bagels with the choice of butter, strawberry jam or cream cheese on top were all offered to us! It was delicious and refreshing- thank you to all who prepared such a wonderful breakfast!

Rehearsals under the direction of Shawn Cuffie

Rehearsals under the direction of Shawn Cuffie

As soon as we had finished eating, rehearsal with Shawn Cuffie, the Miss Teenage Canada choreographer extraordinaire began! Heels on, standing tall, shoulders in–up, back, down–position, and with a smile on we all began learning how to stand and walk correctly! Soon after learning those basics, we started right into  the choreography for several components of the Miss Teenage Canada live pageant this Sunday, August 9th;  evening gown, top 10 evening gown parade, and the opening number!

We broke for lunch at around 1 pm and ate a delicious pasta from Kids Kitchen! Our lunch Thank you Kids Kitchen for the wonderful lunchbreak was a reasonable length of time which is great to allow for all of us girls to bond and get to know each other more. During rehearsal or any event/activity it can be difficult, so having the extra time while sitting down to eat and the interact with one another is amazing. Thank you Kids Kitchen once again for a delicious meal!

Our amazing choreographer Shawn Cuffie

Our amazing choreographer Shawn Cuffie

The rest of the afternoon was spent with Shawn in rehearsal, and the opening number seems to be coming along quite nicely!

Dinner time rolled around quickly and all

At the Lone Star

At the Lone Star

delegates were given 20 minutes to change into a cocktail dress! Not knowing where we were headed we changed, were escorted into the lobby of the hotel and out the door, down the street to the Lone Star! So many speak highly of the food, and I certainly know why now! We were given hot meat, a variety of vegetables, sour cream and salsa with warm pitas placed across our tables to create our own fajitas. The meal was so tasty and creating the fajitas ourselves made the experience fun and interactive!

We arrived back at the hotel for fittings for our opening number and the rest of the night to ourselves! Thank you for another lovely day MTC!

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6 Responses to Miss Teenage Canada Pageant – DAY 3

  1. avatar Gladys Sidock says:

    Thanks for sharing. We so look forward to hearing about your adventure. You are always so appreciative of all that is done to enhance your stay…so typical of our sweet Valley gal.

  2. avatar Cecie Whalen says:

    Aww Theresa! Sounds like hard work and fun all rolled into one amazing life experience. I know you will make each person you meet remember “that girls from Eastern Ontario” keep up the great work!

  3. avatar Patti says:

    So glad you are having a great time! You look gorgeous! Can’t wait to see you at Preliminaries! xxoo

  4. Every blog makes me more excited to be in the audience on August 9th! Go Theresa Go!!

  5. avatar Annette Miller says:

    Thanks for the updates. You look beautiful! It looks like a lot of fun. So glad you are enjoying this experience. Can’t wait to see you at Prelims!!!! We will be the loudest for sure!

  6. looks like you are having a super time

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