My luggage and I are READY TO GO!

My luggage and I are READY TO GO!

After all of the fundraising, shopping trips, blog assignments, media and charity appearances, I am now officially OFF TO NATIONALS!

Leaving the countryside for the Big City!

Leaving the countryside for the Big City!

I am so excited about meeting the beautiful young ladies coming to Toronto from across the country and making memories with them that will last a life time.  I am so fortunate to have been given this amazing opportunity and I intend to cherish every moment (even those moments when my feet hurt!)

The Miss Teenage Canada Pageant will be a once-in-a-lifetime trip and I wanted to take this blog to thank those special folks who have supported me along the way.  I can’t thank everyone by name because this blog would take up all the space on the website but I want to single out a few:

Very Special thanks:

BBAYTo the residents of my home town of Barry’s Bay and all of the wonderful local businesses who have sponsored my Free the Children “FUN”draising events, assisted with prizes and supported my throughout the past few months;  my sincerest thanks!

To the owners and my work team at BARRY’S BAY METRO you have been so good to me;  providing me with a flexible schedule so I could attend and host events, sponsoring some of my events and for always being behind every task that I took on.  You have been so accommodating and supportive!

And to my customers from Metro – you have all been so supportive and interested in what I was doing next.

To my MOM, Janet; thank you for helping me even when I didn’t realize that I needed help.  You are so hardworking, kind and dedicated to helping others.  You are an amazing woman and someone I can learn from and aspire to be like.


Getting packed up in the vehicle for MTC with Dad and Mom

Getting packed up in the vehicle for MTC with Dad and Mom

To my DAD, MIKE; you have handled all of my business so well.  No matter how busy you are, you always make time for me.  You are incredibly hardworking.  I want to thank you for your wisdom and guidance.

Getting a Good Luck hug from Grandma

Getting a Good Luck hug from Grandma

To my entire family and extended family – my 6 brothers and sisters, my aunts, uncles and cousins you have all been behind me 100% and I so appreciate it.

To my boyfriend Brandon’s family, your continued support means so much to me.  My own fridge doesn’t have as many newspaper clippings of me on it as Faye’s does!

To my girl friends that have seen so little of me this past year and a half yet still continue to keep me in the loop.   I care about you all so much and am so thankful to have such an incredible group of lovely, beautiful best friends.

To the MISS TEEN ONTARIO EAST Pageant team; Toe LogoWOW!  Where to begin!  They introduced me to this whole pageantry world.  I was drawn to their pageant because it had a purpose; A GOLD RIBBON purpose!  My life has been forever changed by the cancer champions that I have met and the charities that I have worked with. This past year I have been exposed to so much and have has so many life-changing experiences that will affect me as I go forward in life.  The group of ladies that make up the MTOE Organization and their families are so generous and giving; they will try to do anything in their power for anyone. To say THANK YOU is not enough for this team.  The only thing I can do is to take what they have taught me, apply it to my future and make them forever proud of my choices.

To my Miss Teenage Canada Prep Team; Delaney, Hannah, Caroline, Patti, Paige, Jill, Kathleen, Hillary and Gracie; thank you for helping me get ready for nationals and for sharing your wardrobes with me! lol

To my  SILENT SPONSOR, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your interest in my work with childhood cancer and in my charity endeavours.  I truly believe we were supposed to meet and have a part in each other’s world.  I promise to do my best to make you proud!

MTEO Prom with BrandonFinally, to my boyfriend Brandon, thank you for being such a patient and supportive partner.  Time commitments certainly affected our time together but you never complained and were always there to give me a hand in all of my “FUN”Draising events and charity appearances.  You are an incredible person.  Thank you for caring so much for me!

I wish I had the time (and fast typing skills) to thank everyone who has assisted me during my reign as Miss Teenage Eastern Ontario but unfortunately I do not.  I have a Pageant to get ready for!  LOL, But, I am truly appreciative to everyone who has supported me and I promise to represent the Eastern Ontario region and the Miss Teen Ontario East Pageant to the best of my abilities.  I can promise I will cherish every moment of this unique experience and I will be the Ambassador that you expect me to be!





Keep tuned in,



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