I still find it hard to believe that I will be participating in a pageant that was once, in history, called MISS TEEN CANADA. Participating in pageants help to improve in personal growth with life skills such as public speaking, communication, and improves your self-confidence. Reflecting on this past year, I have grown mentally and feel as if I have gained confidence in myself and in my public speaking abilities. This is all because of participating in a pageant. Participating in a pageant has allowed me to get out into the community and volunteer at events such as Runs, Telethons, Santa Claus Parades, visiting schools, charity events and the list goes on.

The Miss Teen Canada Pageant started in 1969 and was discontinued in the year 1990. For the first three years of this pageant, it was titled “Miss Teenage Canada” but was later named Miss Teen Canada in 1972. The original sponsor of the Miss Teen Canada Pageant was A&W Drive in’s and was a personality and beauty competition for women aged 14 to 17 years old.

Jewel McAvany, the first Miss Teenage Canada in 1969

A young woman named Jewel McAvany (from Montreal, Quebec) was the first to be crowned Miss Teenage Canada in 1969. That first year, there were 17 entries and along with Jewel taking the title, the first runner up was Sheila McGuire from Ottawa and second runner up was Diane Forman from Quebec City and finally, third runner up was a young woman named Susan Lowe from Calgary.

Miss Teen Canada 1990, Tonya Gross



By the pageant’s last year, it grew, having 42 entries. That year Tonya Gross (Miss Teen Niagara was crowned Miss Teen Canada 1990. Her first runner up was Rosalina Laforge from Mississauga, second runner up was Sasha Ishihara from Kitchener-Waterloo and third runner was Jennifer Scott of Calgary.

There were many pageants established following the folding of the Miss Teen Canada Pageant in 1990, but none of them took over the official title “Miss Teen Canada” which was owned and held under the jurisdiction of the CTV trademark.

Today there are so many pageants in the world. The largest Teen Competition in Canada is Owned by MTC-W Inc. and Produced by Michelle Weswaldi. Since Michelle introduced the Miss Teenage Canada, it has become a well-respected and successful pageant organization and this year will now mark a banner year for the pageant, as it will have the original title of the national pageant…Miss Teenage Canada.

Miss Teenage Canada, formerly Miss Teen Canada- World, is the largest Teen Competition in Canada. It is the only pageant to hold provincial pageants, it has the largest prize pageant (which allows the winner to go to the Miss Teen Universe pageant), it has the most delegates and media exposure and the Miss Teenage Canada pageant has a judging panel with celebrities such as Sarah Fisher, Belinda Kiriakou and Chelsae Durocher. Another thing that cannot be failed to mention are the celebrity hosts that the Miss Teenage Canada Pageant was pleasured to have: Luke Bilyk and Alicia Josipovic. The Miss Teenage Canada Pageant is affiliated with the Free The Children foundation which is an international charity and educational partner in which their goals are to enrich the lives of unprivileged children in the third-world countries and eliminate poverty. I am honoured to know two wonderful ladies that travelled to Kenya after winning the fundraising award in the Miss Teenage Canada Pageant.

I applied for Miss Teenage Canada after winning the Miss Teen Ontario East Pageant. After going to watch the Miss Teenage Canada pageant last July, I knew that I definitely wanted to take part in this experience. I checked out the Facebook page and this just reassured me that I wanted to participate after seeing all of the updates on there.

I believe that I would make a great Miss Teenage Canada because I think that I am unique in my own way and this will be an inspiration for many. Throughout my life, I have learned many life lessons, and the one that I found that is most instilled in my memory is how sacred life is and how we should always try our best to make others feel loved and included. Life is a journey and, to me, it has much more meaning whenever you are sharing it with others and caring for them along the way. I try my very best to appreciate everyone that I encounter no matter who they are, what they look like, what the price tag on their clothes reads, no matter if they have achieved greatness or feel as if they have failed; I believe that everyone on this planet is equal and should feel important, ultimately… because they are. A country such as ours, with it’s diversity and all, I think that I could exemplify this important value and provide citizens of all ages with inspiration to do the same. As Miss Teenage Canada , I would like to positively influence the way that people see pageants, allowing them to realize that they are not simply a competition of outer beauty, but rather, about intelligence, poise, character and charisma. I would like to leave a large footprint on this country and world, and I think that being Miss Teenage Canada would allow me to do so.

Sure, I think that being Miss Teenage Canada would provide myself with many opportunities and life changing experiences, but what this title will do for me is by far the main purpose; it is, what can I do for others, for Canada, and for the world. As an effective communicator and good listener, I would like to hear what others have to say; whether it be their opinions, their life story, some insight or advice, and it would also be important that I am able to speak to people about topics such as Mental Health, Childhood Cancer Awareness, Confidence and Self Esteem, Bullying and World Hunger and Poverty. All of these things, I have experienced in one way or another, and it would be my duty to acknowledge them inform the world about them.

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  1. avatar Annette Miller says:

    Sonya, you truly are a wonderful representative of who I want our pageant winner to be. Your explanation of what matters, what should be judged – the purpose of a pageant couldn’t be more accurate. One’s inner beauty…ability to make a difference, care, support, motive and inspire others is it. You have made a very positive footprint…one which will grow as you continue on your life venture. You, my lady, exude both inner and outer beauty….couldn’t be more proud of you. I’m excited that you are representing our community and showing the rest of Canada what a real Valley girl is made of.

    Have fun!!

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