13 DAYS until Miss Teenage Canada Pageant Week Commences!

WOW! Time is flying by!  I have shifted into high gear as I prepare for the upcoming Miss Teenage Canada Pageant.  I can’t believe I leave for Toronto in just 2 short weeks!

Power Shopping

Last night was a POWER SHOPPING tour to Ottawa with my predecessor the gorgeous Kathleen Barr, Miss Teenage Eastern Ontario 2016 and my two “pageant moms” Donna and Patti from the Teen Ontario East Pageant organization.  You know you are in for a serious shopping excursion when you have a list of items, stores and a map of the shopping centre (highlighted with the store stops we needed to make).  It was a whirlwind tour but very successful.  We managed to find everything I needed (and then some) and we did it all in our short 4 hour window!  POWER SHOPPING at its BEST!  A lot of laughs and spur of the moment decisions highlighted the night.  Pageant talk was the topic of conversation for the evening and we discussed my To Do List and made appointment phone calls on the fly.  A productive evening to say the least.

The Van is Loaded! Mission Accomplished!

Essential shopping has now been put from TO DO to my I’M DONE list!

Next, finish up my Fund raising project for Free the Children, complete my Blog Assignments and compile all of the essential information that I need to take with me to Nationals.

In addition I have to somehow fit all the necessary appointments into a very condensed schedule;  hair, nails etc. and try and work my last few shifts before heading off to Toronto.  Crazy but I love it!  I am truly enjoying the frantic pace.

Dress fittings also have to be added into the mix.  I ABSOLUTELY LOVE my BELLS and BOWS gown!  For anyone shopping for a pageant gown, prom dress or wedding gown you NEED to contact Angeline McDonald at Bells and Bows Bridal.  Their selection and service is second to none and Angeline’s expertise in the field of formal wear is outstanding.  I truly feel glamorous in my gown!

I have been “closet shopping” amongst my friends and now it is time to gather all of my finds and start to sort my choices, make my selections and then choose accessories and shoes to complement each outfit.  We have planned a “PACKING PARTY” to get things pulled together.  I can’t imagine how I am going to pack everything in one suitcase!

I was googling articles on Packing Tips and found the following suggestions that I thought I would share on www.thekrazycouponlady.com.  I thought they were ingenious ideas:

  1. Put a dryer sheet in your suitcase to keep clothes smelling fresh
  2. Pack heavy items in the bottom of your suitcase to help prevent wrinkles on clothing
  3. Slip breakables inside shoes i.e.: glasses
  4. Store moisturizer or lotion in contact lens cases instead of taking the whole bottle
  5. Stop toiletry bottles from leaking by wrapping plastic wrap around the top and reapplying the lid
  6. Hang toiletries on a lanyard then they can be easily transferred from suitcase to over the shower in your hotel
  7. Make individual shampoo and soap packets with Food Saver vacuum sealer
  8. Cover your open razor with a bull nose clip
  9. Keep earrings together by securing them to a large button
  10. Store bobby pins in a tic tac container
  11. Roll clothes when packing instead of folding
  12. Organize outfits by day in Ziploc bags to pack.
  13. Put disposable shower caps over your shoes to prevent any dirt from going onto your clothes
  14. Place long necklaces inside 2 sheets of Glad Press and Seal to prevent knotting
  15. Pack earrings by pair in a weekly pill case
  16. Store cords and earphones in a glass case
  17. Pack makeup brushes, eyeliner and mascara in a glass case
  18. Pack Q-tips in an empty pill bottle
  19. Pack a small bottle of Downy wrinkle releaser to address small creases that may occur from packing
  20. Always pack a Tide stick for marks and small spills

The various articles I read state that if you follow the tips and pack efficiently, you will have adequate space in your suitcase for everything you could possibly need, so I will certainly give it the “old college try” but if all else fails…

I will sit on the suitcase and squish it down until the zipper closes!

Until next time,



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3 Responses to SHOPPING & PACKING – Acquiring New Skills

  1. avatar Cecie says:

    Sounds like you’re all ready. We’ll be cheering loudly xo

  2. avatar Gladys Sidock says:

    So happy you are almost ready. I can imagine shopping with those two pageant Moms. I know it would be an experience to say the least. Looking forward to hearing all the Toronto updates from those pageant Moms . Enjoy your whole experience.

  3. avatar Patti Dillabough says:

    Had a great time shopping with these two. Glad we could keep up! You know you have a shopping Angel on your shoulder when you find “THE SHOES” 10 minutes before the store closes!

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