As you may or may not already know, MTC-W has started a new contest: Top Model SearchCanada! As a sister to the Miss Teenage Canada Pageant, this new competition is a wonderful opportunity if you want to launch your career in modelling. The date of this event is AUGUST 12-17 in Toronto. The Top 3 go to Miss Supernational – Top Model Of the World – Miss Intercontinental. International Scouts and Agents will be present at this event.

Top Model Search Canada is looking across the country for gorgeous young women to compete in this competition. There will be over 40 finalists between the ages of 17-26 who will be vying for the crown and modelling contract in the summer in Toronto. The winner of  Top Model Search Canada becomes the next Miss Supernational Canada, and the runners up become Miss Top Model of the World Canada and Miss Supermodel Canada International. This competition allows women to not only receive a “pageant” experience, but also an opportunity to immerse themselves into the world of high fashion modelling.

Delegates are handpicked from thousands of applicants from across Canada. The national models are chosen through an interview and photosubmission. Participants will enjoy the full pageant experience, receive training, perform in a show, take part in seminars and workshops that are designed to bring out their best, will be taught about the industruy, refine their look and build their portfolio.

As an experienced pageant participant, I feel as if it would be appropriate for me to give a few pieces of advice:

1) Be yourself:

Before partaking in this experience, try your hardest to be familiar with yourself – know your strengths, your weaknesses, your personality, what is in your comfort zone, what is out of your comfort zone, be familiar with your sense of style and be familiar with the emotional aspect of yourself. All of these different traits that make up a person and the originality of each and every person. It is important that you stay true to yourself and be yourself because are different and special and that is what the world needs from you; to see you happy in your own skin and reflecting that happiness by being YOU. 

2) Have confidence in yourself:

Be confident with who you are. If you are happy with yourself, you will not get your self -worth by comparing yourself to others. If you understand your own uniqueness, you can shine in your own way and feel good about yourself while participating in activities and events. Know, that, whatever you set your mind to, you can do it and you can achieve it. Being confident does not necessarily mean that you have to be perfect or invincible, it simply means that you are content yourself; with both the things that you thrive in, as well as with your imperfections. 

3) Set goals:

Is there something about yourself that you would like to improve on? Set goals for yourself before participating in this experience. If you set many small achievable goals, you will grow as a person and feel accomplished no matter if you end up taking home the title or not. Setting and completing goals will allow you to gain the full experience and gain personal growth. 

4) Have A Healthy Lifestyle 

Make sure that you have a healthy and balanced lifestyle before and throughout the week. Try to get as much sleep as possible so that you are well rested for the week since it may be busy with many early mornings and late nights. It is also important for you to eat healthy to receive all of the important vitamins and nutrients in order for your body to function properly. It is essential for all aspects of your body to be healthy so that you are able to participate in this experience to your full potential.  

5) Embrace the moment and have a blast!

Live for the moment. Embrace the experiences you gain, whether they are new or old. You should have in your mind the idea of having some “fun” because it is important that you enjoy all of the time that you spend participating. Take each day as it comes and don’t forget to make the most of the experience because it will be life-changing and goes by quickly. 

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  1. avatar Patti Dillabough says:

    Great article Sonya into the upcoming Top Model Search Canada! An exciting opportunity for those young women who are wanting to pursue a modelling career.

  2. avatar Annette Miller says:

    Great article Sonya. Loved your advice…hopefully any young women interested in pursuing this career will take heed.

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